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bbflop 03-14-2013 01:42 PM

BES migration
hello everyone,

I am setting up a migration process and here is my problem.

- 1 domain called A.local with an exchange server and and BES 5.0 SP3
- 1 domain called B.local with an exchange server and and BES 5.0 SP3

--> Goal is to migrate AD accounts / Exchange accounts from B to A.
Tech wise, we are all set to do a proper migration.

The only question remaining is the blackberry part.
B users are going to be migrated to A domain, so they will be considered as "new" users. WE want them, of course, to use A BES server.

Should we just create a script to create these B users in the BES? That would mean, we generate activation password and users have to reset their old blackberry account and activate the new one on their device.


Is there a way to kinda move the accounts from B BES server to A BES server considering these specific parameters? For B users, we do not only change the BES server but also the Exchange server.

Hope this is clear ^^.

Thank you for your help / advices.

knottyrope 03-18-2013 04:29 PM

Re: BES migration
backup device, wipe device, restore from backup, activate on new BES

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