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indafastln 04-13-2013 10:39 AM

Help with BES please - remove/unlock devices
I inherited an in-house BES system on Windows 2003 server with ~30 blackberry devices/users. I've never worked with BES before and need to remove/unlock the blackberry devices from the current system so I can attach them to their new hosted Exchange server. I've already setup 3 blackberries on the hosted Exchange server but they were new devices with stock factory settings. I need to get the old phones to stock factory settings.

So far I tried removing one blackberry from the system by clearing the IT policy, then removing the user. Apparently the IT policy did not clear, so I added the user again but now can't add her device to her user profile in BES. I connected the phone using a usb cable and tried using the "attached devices" link but nothing happened. The blackberry desktop software 7.1 could communicate with the phone on the same computer, so I don't understand why the BES couldn't see it.

Until I can get this first device off the BES, I'm not attempting any other devices. So I'm completely stuck at this point.

Also, their email has already been moved to the hosted Exchange server, so the in-house Exchange server is no longer connected to their email addresses. I'm hoping this isn't a huge deal because there's no going back to the in-house Exchange server.

Any help or guidance is greatly appreciated!

nobody7290 04-13-2013 03:14 PM

Re: Help with BES please - remove/unlock devices
A security wipe should do this.
remove the device from the server,
on the device, go in options, security options.
Check all items, confirm with blackberry.

you should be able to active the handheld on the new server.

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