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metalgalle 04-18-2013 08:32 AM

BES10 - Duplicate contacts
Good day,
early this month I installed at my client a BES10 server in order to support new BB z10 devices.

I already have an installation of BES Express on the exchange 2010 server.

The new Bes10 is installed on a separate dedicated server.

Today some (not all) users of the old BES reporting to me that they have some duplicate contacts in their Outlook (but seems that on the BB device there are no duplicates).

Investigating I can see that all the duplicates were created at the date that I installed the BES10 and upgraded the old bes express to version
Looking the hour of the duplicate creation let me to think that is related to the old BES express upgrade.

Ok, is not so bad, and so I tried to manually remove the duplicate entries.

Very strange thing is that when I delete one of the two duplicated contacts from outlook, after few minutes the contact completely disappeares from the BB device!!!!
So, in order to mantain my contacts in the BB device, i need to keep the duplicate ones in Outlook.

Any suggestions?

Thanx a lot in advance to everybody!


metalgalle 04-18-2013 12:20 PM

UPDATE: BES10 - Duplicate contacts
Seems that we found the solution.

We noticed that each duplicated contact has own duplicate with the creation date as the time that I upgraded the old BES Express.

So, we tried to manually cleanup the contacts folder deleting the doplicate contact with the old date, and that seems to do the trick!

No more duplicate contacts showing in Outlook, and all contacts correctly diplayed in BB device!

The question is "why only some users?????" :smile:

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