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NKraft 04-30-2013 06:48 AM

BES10 distributing certificates for S/MIME
I'm encrypting emails on my Z10 using smime.
All intermediate and root certificates are placed in the shared network folder
in subfolder shared/certificates/www
as described in Administration Guide Blackberry device service 6.2
"sending certificates to devices" (page 144).
Intermediate and root certificates show up on my devices certificates store under "Enterprise - Web",
imported public keys show up under "Enterprise - Device".
I can encrypt messages, but my device complains, that the encryption certificate is not trusted.
So it looks like the two stores"enterprise Web" and "enterprise device" cannot work together.

when I look into the certificates subfolder i Find a directory "enterprise" which is not mentioned in the Admin guide.
Is there any article that sheds some light into this ?

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