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Kul 05-02-2013 03:47 AM

BES10 - Unable to add MDM domain
I have installed BDS which is working fine, we have BES 5.0.3 MR8 running and I am trying to install the MDM component (Exchange 2007 backend)

I have managed to add the BES10 MDM domain, but when trying to add the BES5 domain label, it gives the error popup:
The setup application cannot determine if Blackberry web services is running at the domain URL that you specified. You should verify the port number and host address or pool name for the MDM domain that you want to add

I am using the same BESAdmin account, I am entering the HA Poolname

the only thing I have noticed is that - the BAS-AS process on the BES Server (node A) starts and gets to 400 and crashes and restarts - but since the BAS works via the 2nd node, i thought this shouldnt matter.

any ideas why i am getting the error ?

Kul 05-03-2013 11:18 AM

Re: BES10 - Unable to add MDM domain
was occuring because I had an issue on the BES poolname - the BAS-AS process kept getting killed - resolved that and then was OK to add to BES 10 Domain

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