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merhub 05-03-2013 05:15 AM

Migration Hickups
Dear Forummembers,
We are stuck with an a problem and can't resolve it. After over 2 weeks of try and error we are yelling help into the internet.

We are in the middle of an cross forest domain migration. we had an BES 4.1. We installed an BES Express in the new domain. We used the black berry trasporter software to migrate the Handhelds.
After the migration we thought the Handhelds were running stable, but then we noticed that the BBs had duplicate calender entries and syncing issues with the contact.

After a lot of googling we where able to resolve the most sync issues with
- resending the service books
- using the command RSET in the contact folder
- deleting the CICAL and SYNC
- turning the device on and off
- praying to god

the more data the device had the more problems we where experiencing. on one device we had to wipe the device and resend everything.

now at end we are stuck with the most import VIP in our company. The device has over 5000 contacts and 26000 appointements. (he needs the appointments in the past)

this device is not snycing correctly at all, some appointments are not beeing shown in the calendar, but in outlook they are shown correctly. he has 2 desktops.

Now the biggest problem is that we can not have his device to wipe it and then resync everything because he is using the bb (9780) every 10 minutes. we tried to backup everything, turn off the wireless syncing and let everything be synced over cable and after complete sync to turn it back on. that we be a good solution, but it would take over 10 houres to do this and the vip can not live 10 houres without his bb.

so we are stuck. :cry:

we have got the last idea and to make this idea solide i need some help from you guys. we were thinking about to take an older bb (we don't have an other 9780) and push an complete backup onto the old device, switch the SIM card and then finally have the bb 9780 to push again an complete backup of his data. will this do the trick?

now for the crew: is this possible? will we mix even more up after 2 devices have the data? has anybody done this move or does somebody have a strong help?

we are very gratefull for any help here. it's pulling my nerv.

best regards:?

knottyrope 05-03-2013 09:09 AM

Re: Migration Hickups
if he is that important, you should call support to get this resolved

merhub 05-03-2013 09:11 AM

Re: Migration Hickups
which support line is the best?

knottyrope 05-03-2013 10:39 AM

Re: Migration Hickups
paid support which is about 250 for the call

or you can try to call your carrier and get escalated support

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