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Jay247 07-10-2013 11:15 AM

Issues during upgrading 5.0.3 to 5.0.4 - A/P config
Hi guys, We have two BES servers: 1 on each site. BES01 and BES02. - These servers are in an Active/Passive configuration. The BlackBerry Router component are installed on two servers in the DMZ. BR01 and BR02. In the middle of the upgrade, we have come to an issue: We have upgraded the passive BES Server (BES02) from v5.0.3 to v5.0.4. All the services remained active on BES01 during the upgrade and emails were being sent and received on the BB devices. At this point, only one BES node is on version 5.0.4 whereas the active node and both Router servers (in the DMZ) are on v5.0.3. After the first node upgrade, we did a manual failover to the 'Passive' node (BES02) to make it active. At this point, no emails were sent or received between BB devices. Some messages were getting failures. After noticing the outage, we failed back to BES01 and email service returned. Any idea what we have missed out here and why our BB devices cannot send/receive emails when the BES02 node which is on v5.0.4 is active? what should we be looking at in the logs? on the BES and Router servers? thanks in advance.

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