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Froby 08-14-2013 05:44 PM

BES 10.1.2 Custom IT Policy Rules?
Created an account here specifically to post this question, as I haven't been able to get a sensible answer from either RIM or our re-seller...

Shot in the dark, but here goes -

We're currently testing BES 10.1.2 and it looks for all intents and purposes like the ability to build CUSTOM IT Policy Rules has been completely removed. Does anyone know if this is true?

IT Policy building through the BB Administration Service interface has been changed a fair bit (interface wise), but i'm surprised that more people haven't noticed this missing option.

Just for reference this was found in 5.x versions under:

BlackBerry Solution Management > Policy > Create IT Policy Rule

Any ideas?

knottyrope 08-15-2013 08:51 AM

Re: BES 10.1.2 Custom IT Policy Rules?
not a feature I have seen many requests about over the years

I have not heard much about it on BES 10 either.

ZombieBerry 08-15-2013 09:07 AM

Re: BES 10.1.2 Custom IT Policy Rules?
There is an IT Policy import/export tool.

Would that help?

knottyrope 08-15-2013 09:16 AM

Re: BES 10.1.2 Custom IT Policy Rules?
no that would not help, OP wants to make a CUSTOM RULE, not IT Policy

Froby 08-15-2013 11:55 AM

Re: BES 10.1.2 Custom IT Policy Rules?
Thanks for the replies.

Good point re the import tool, but what seems to happen is that it strips the custom policies (and really anything that doesn't have a direct equivalent in BES 10.1)

Our reason behind wanting to use custom IT Policies is that some apps can be fed commands to pre-populate or lock certain fields etc. on deployment using Custom IT Policy Rules.

So a usage scenario might be that a published app might have a web-service address (or something else) that needs to be populated. Rather than have end-users manually type in a complex URL (or other value), some developers have included a hook to allow this to be pre-populated by a custom IT Policy Rule Names and Values.

Rule Name: SomeMobileAppName
Value: h**ps://

All this helps ensure that end-users aren't fat-fingering URLs and helpdesks aren't getting called saying that the XYZ service is broken.

ZombieBerry 08-15-2013 12:30 PM

Re: BES 10.1.2 Custom IT Policy Rules?
Yes, that is what I saw re: import tool. I was looking at the prerequisites for rule migration and Knotty explained that they were too different to just transfer them over.

Makes more sense now that I see the type of rule you wanted to use. I haven't even seen anything remotely like that from the list of possible ones in any of the support docs. Didn't see anything that would help in the Software config section either. In fact, it seems to me that a lot of functionality from earlier BES versions do not even apply with 10.

Froby 08-15-2013 01:27 PM

Re: BES 10.1.2 Custom IT Policy Rules?
I've been combing the release notes and support docs for BES10 myself as part of our internal vetting process, and re the functionality differences, that's what I've been finding as well...sadly.

BES's management granularity has always been one of its many selling points IMO, but it feels like things are getting a bit "neutered" for the sake of simplicity and pretty interfaces.

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