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sacondi 02-12-2014 03:17 PM

Address book location will be removed after mailbox move

we have a Domino infrastructure, where the user's mailboxes will be moved to a new Domino server (same Domino domain).
Unfortunately we are facing on several users that the address book location path will be removed after the mailbox move has finished.

In the log we see the following entries:
(02/05 21:03:56.345):{0xBDC} {Test/ORG} Mail Server changing from CN=Server1/O=ORG to CN=Server02/O=ORG for user Test/ORG
(02/05 21:04:40.072):{0x1E94} {Test/ORG} Address Book: config, Location="" SyncType=3 SyncState=1
(02/05 21:04:40.072):{0x1E94} {Test/ORG} PIM Config: Update
(02/05 21:04:40.088):{0x1E94} {Test/ORG} Notify removed from CN=Server02/O=ORG!!mail\server02\mail.nsf: Address Book, Active, Initialized, Last scanned: 05.02.2014 21:04:05

Has anyone an idea?

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