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HCWB 06-28-2017 04:46 AM

Blackberry MDS-CS Query
Hi, I'm hoping that somebody may be able to help me please?

I've been told that there is a vulnerability with the Blackberry MDS service, which allows it to be publically accessible, potentially exposing it to brute force attacks.

I've ben asked to lock down our BES version 5 server, but I'm not sure how to. There are no obvious options in the web admin console.

Does anybody know how to do it?

Many Thanks.

tsac 06-28-2017 09:23 AM

Re: Blackberry MDS-CS Query
There is a Blackberry support site with information on security and firewalls. although someone here may be able to give you a direct answer on the question you can read this link to see if it helps before a reply

Configuring network firewalls to work with BlackBerry UEM or BES12

knottyrope 06-30-2017 08:02 AM

Re: Blackberry MDS-CS Query
what MR are you on?

I believe MR 11 takes care of it

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