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Question Some pending items 'disappear' after only 3 days.

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I am trying to find a cause for the disappearance of a large number of mails that were received in the mailbox of one of my users while his Blackberry was off, but were not forwarded when he turned it back on about 9 days later.

The BES was notified as usual and I can see mails that were eventually delivered nestling up with those that were not, in the regular listing of messages that are not being requeued because they are already pending, e.g.:

Not requeuing message EntryId=16509440 - same source key as DuplicateEntryId=9108386

I have checked that the issue is not related to filters, or mailbox rules, but what I cannot explain is why some EntryId's can be found in the logs for 3 days after their arrival, but on the third day, spookily close to being exactly 72 hours after their first appearance, they abruptly disappear from the above-mentioned list. I cannot find any reference to them between the last list that includes them and the first that does not. I found this quite surprising because I know of accounts with hundreds pending and for way more than 9 days. By the way, the account's stats show that 1 item expired, but that could have been months ago.

Also, the mails that did not arrive are not all prior to a certain date, i.e. if ten mails arrived one day, maybe three were not forwarded, while eight arrive the next day and only one was not forwarded.

The BES is v3.6.3.17, Exchange is 2003.

I have searched the RIM public knowledgebase and your excellent forum, but have not found anything similar. Maybe the lack of error message means that I'm not using the right search strings, but I'm feeling a little bit like I'm the first to ever see this problem. Here's hoping that one of you guys cracked it ages ago!

I would be grateful for any suggestions, and I apologise if I've missed out any important information.

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First....if a user turns off his device or his wireless radio, or is out of coverage - he'll not receive any messages. The slogan "Always On...Always Connected" is only applicable if all the above is false. That's by design. Obviously if the user misconfigures filters and other settings, mail redirection could be affected.

If the above situation changes - user turns on device/radio or comes back into an area of coverage - then they'll receive any queued messages that were pending. The pending messages for these users can be viewed in the BM console. The catch here is that RIM's wireless network will only store 5 messages on the wireless network (pending delivery) for any user. If after 7 days, the device does not respond to "packets" sent from the BES (check the SYNC and MAGT logs on the BES server for those responses), those messages on the wireless network will be purged, and no more messages will be sent(redirected) to the device.
The logic here is that if the device is unresponsive to any challenge-response packets, then the BES server will not redirect any more messages to the device until it "calls" home.
The following is a one of my previous posts on device and GPRS network behaviour when a device is not available for a lengthy period:
************************************************** ************
There is nothing strange about a GPRS/EDGE behaviour, in fact it acts the same as a
regular LAN. When the user connects to the GPRS/EDGE network (asking for data services and IP address for an APN) this address is given to the user for as long as the user requires it AND the user maintains a GPRS/EDGE data session (PDP Context) by staying in a coverage area AND sending data on a regular basis. The following are some key points to remember:
Devices will get an IP address assigned and there is NO lease time for this address.
When a user goes out of coverage and needs to re-establish a GPRS/EDGE session a
NEW IP address will be assigned to that user.
If a user is traveling around the GPRS/EDGE network it will be handed off from base
station to base station. The IP address will be maintained as long as the user remains in a continuous coverage area and does not drop the GPRS/EDGE session.
IP addresses are handed out by the GGSN (Gateway GPRS Support Node) component on the GPRS/EDGE network.
If there is no communication from the device to the network (transmit/receive data or routing area updates when traveling from base station to base station) then the
GPRS/EDGE network will end the GPRS/EDGE session of the device after a set time period of silence. In this case the user MUST re-establish a GPRS/EDGE session
and as such will get a new IP address assigned to them. This usually takes the form of a soft/hard reboot.
************************************************** *************
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Many thanks for the information, but given certain facts in this particular issue, such as the non-contiguous loss and 3-day time frame for the items I picked out, I don't think that a network purge is the explanation.

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