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notes_pclp 04-17-2006 02:44 PM

Wireless address book sync issues for new and existing users
We have started doing wireless activation with new BB devices, but are stating to see issues where a userís device does not have the option to enable wireless sync of the address book. Found KB Article Number: KB-04521 and spoke to support. As we are using iNotes the bottom line from support was that you need to have users sync there clients address book with iNotes via the client before adding them to the BES server so that the $contacts field will have data in it. That way when added to the BES the PIM Sync address book field will get the users mail server and path to the mail file and the device will have the option to enable wireless sync.

Is anyone else running into this? The fact that you have to rely on users to do the iNotes sync before adding to the BES is frankly not very reliable. Then of course there are the existing 2.2 users who were upgraded, as far as I can tell the majority of them do not have the PIM sync data filed in, that of course will be a whole new story on how to address them.

dev 04-17-2006 07:08 PM

The names.nsf is a local file which needs to be "synched" the first time a user is enabled on the BES via the "Synchronize Address Book" menu option. Once that's done then the following procedure an be used:
Select a user and choose the "Edit Properties" option. Scroll down to and select the PIM Sync option on the left-hand side. In the view on the right-hand side, scroll down to the Address Book description. Find the following - "Location -Server" and "Location-Relative Path". Place the heirarchical name (servername/organization) and the path (mail\username.nsf) to the users' mail file in the described areas.
The above allows the Wireless Sync feature to be active ithin the Address book view.

illy 04-18-2006 12:09 AM

i have opened multiple calls @ RIM for this issue. You dont want to fill the PIM Sync fields manually for all your users if you have alot of them.

BES 4.0 SP4 with Hotfix2 fianlly solved our problems.

In BES 4.0 SP RIM changed their internal method for this, RIM checked on some "proxied design elements". These iNotes design elements are NOT visible in your Lotus Notes designer client so if you are using a customised non-Inotes template the PIM Sync fields will not be filled in automatically. SP4 still requires users to have an internet password in their person documents before automatically filling in the PIM sync fields. With Hotfix2 this check is removed, and now it is finally working for us.

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