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LilMikey 07-12-2006 02:06 PM

Is BES For Our Company?
I Dont post much casue i've been able to find most of the information i'm looking for through the search engine, thank god.
Anyways, I know BES is great for having your blackberry sync wirelessly with email/calender/appointments etc with your outlook account. But heres our company's issue, we dont need really need any of these functions. We are rarely in the office and mostly use either PIN Msging/BB Messenger Or Direct Connect. What I'm Thinkingof getting is somehow setting us up (3 employees) with a common shared folder where we can read/edit/update text files. We are an HVAC company that would just like to have a folder with text files of each contract we do busniess for and be able to update it with information about last maintenance done, what repairs what been done to what unit etc etc.

Is there an easyier way of having this done? Can BES do this for us? Or are you guys thinking "wtf is this guy talking about?"

Sorry If I Posted This In The Wrong Section, Mod Can Move It

Thanks For any Help

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