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Kul 07-13-2006 04:45 AM

Calendar Meeting reappeared BES4.0
Strange behaviour after ensuring we are running the correct versions of cdo.dll, mapi.dll etc. we are running Exchange 2003 SP2 and BES4.0 SP4 (no Hotfixes) and Outlook 2002 SP3

Calendar entries have reappeared into a outlook and not sure why or cause and would appreciate any advice or pointers.

Scenario A
- User X sent a meeting invite on behalf of User Y to User Z
- Meeting Accepted by user Z (appeared in Calendar - handheld and Outlook 2002)
- Delegate of User Y, then sent a meeting update
- User Z received update and accepted. Change reflected on User Y's calendar
- Then User X declined the meeting on behalf of User Y
- User Z received the decline and accepted
- meeting changed in Outlook to the original time before any updates were sent.

what would have caused it to appear at the original time ?

ashworth 07-13-2006 05:42 PM

I think this may have been a known issue with SP4 base, I cant remember if I read this in the release notes or not... I would try to apply HF 4, and test agian. Or you could read the release notes for HF1 -> HF4 :)

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