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bhavyn 07-26-2006 03:42 PM

How to read BES logs file??
hello Guys,

Anybody has documentation or help which tells you how to read logs file, as i m using bareview software to open that logs, but need more details help on what it mean??

blackberry1 07-26-2006 05:48 PM

I am quite sure no such documentation exists outside RIM.
Check RIM's KB for Debug Log Event Id's.

Understanding the Event Ids may help understanding the logs better.
Learning to read logs is a gradual process,especially without and dictionary

Start understanding the BES Startup process
And the thread initilization process for starters...

bhavyn 07-27-2006 12:35 PM

i was looking for some advance debug logs analysis, as i m good with starter.

d_fisher 07-27-2006 12:51 PM

The BlackBerry Enterprise Resource Center is offering a webcast on Advanced Debug Log Analysis. The webcast is on Thursday, August 31st, 2006 from 12pm - 1pm EST.

Sagz 07-27-2006 02:24 PM

Event ID - indicates the severity of the debug log entry
[1####] = Error condition (Always Logged)
[2####] = Warning
[3####] = Informational
[4####] = Debug
[5####] = Other (Always Logged)
•Thread ID – identifies the application thread that is performing the
particular operation
•Description – outlines the detail of the work being performed

|Event ID | Date/Time | Thread ID |Description
|[30068]| (04/13 00:03:06)|:{0x680} |User [email address] starting up...

bbgirl 07-31-2006 02:35 PM


Originally Posted by bhavyn
i was looking for some advance debug logs analysis, as i m good with starter.

good luck... as RIM will only teach you enough to maintain... the course is about all you are going to get. There is also some documentation on how to intially read a log file, but the actual errors, for some you will have to call them.

its called "Job Security."

djbeenie 07-31-2006 03:13 PM

On the Blackberry Manager, look at the user and see what agent ID the user is on (you may have to scroll to the right). Write that number down. I am on agent 4.

Now go into your logs. Not event id logs.

Look for MGAT logs. Find the log that points to the number your user is on.

Example: BESSERVER_MAGT_04_20060731_0001.txt

This is a better way to read logs.

mattlane 08-01-2006 10:42 AM

you can download the resource kit for the bes and use tools like, messageflow.exe outofcoverage.exe. you run these against the logs with switches to diagnose where the problem lies.

Sagz 08-01-2006 01:18 PM

I like to use v-file to read my logs cause I can do a search across all logs. www dot fileviewer dot com. It also splits the logs up so you dont eat your memory up while viewing.

Some basic maint things you can search the magt log are
"Optimize Threadpools" = This one will tell you the amount of threads allocated to each connected mail server along with how many handhelds connected. This is very handy for load balancing and preventing hung threads.
Here is an example of what you would see:
Optimize ThreadPools, total number of users 1117
[30000] (08/01 00:13:51):{0x250} No empty thread-pools were found.
[30000] (08/01 00:13:51):{0x250} Before optimization: total number of worker threads 128, where 54 non-removable
[30000] (08/01 00:13:51):{0x250} Thread pool for mail server (blahblah/srv/blah) has 3 threads to serve 30 handhelds
(blahbla/srv/blah) has 32 threads to serve 81 handhelds

Next handy thing you can search for in MAGT is: "GetConnection"
Sample return:
[30000] (07/99 13:48:48):{0x12F4} ConnectionItem::GetConnection(): Connection wait time exceeded 100ms threshold. Time spent waiting was 30125ms. There are 91 thread(s) still waiting

Or do a "ODBC" Search if things are bad you may see something like:
[40000] (07/32 01:03:22):{0x13A0} [ODBCConnection::Connect] DB=SQL Server, LoginConnectionTimeOut=30

This reflects hung threads. To troubleshoot, see if you can connect to your SQL db. Look to see how much pending there is and which mail server connections may be related. See if a mail and cluster server are both down at the same time.

Most of the time for MAGT logs Im doing user searches.

In the alert log depending on the level of your logging you can do house cleaning by pulling the invalid address books, journals and so forth that get logged in there.

In the dispatcher log look for things like:
"COM Error" if you are having think you have or want to pinpoint a connection problem it will return things like:
[10226] (07/34 14:01:29):{0x1EC0} COM Error 0x45BFF0 in CheckDB - [DBNETLIB][ConnectionWrite (WrapperWrite()).]General network error. Check your network documentation. - Unspecified error
[10224] (07/32 14:01:29):{0x1EC0} Database error in CheckDB (err=0x80004005, native err=11) - [DBNETLIB][ConnectionWrite (WrapperWrite()).]General network error. Check your network documentation.

[10213] (07/00 14:03:10):{0x1EC0} OpenDB: COM Error (80004005): Unspecified error.
[10251] (07/23 14:03:10):{0x1EC0} Failed to authenticate connection - local machine time may be out of sync with domain controller time. Please restart Windows Time Service.
[10214] (07/54 14:03:10):{0x1EC0} OpenDB: OPEN_DB failed.
[10218] (07/65 14:03:10):{0x1EC0} CheckDB: Could not open database.

Hopefully that helps I could go into more detail if needed, but this is a long post.

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