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mcast12 08-22-2006 11:22 AM

BES 4.01 migration to new server, do these steps look okay?
I've bought a new server and need to migrate our current BES onto it. This is the first time I'll be doing a BES migration to a new server, so bear with me. I read the "Knife Edge cutover" article at RIM and the "BES 4.0 for Exchange: install guide", I've also read some threads here. Can someone point out any glaring issues with my proposed procedure or anything missing?

My current setup:
BES version 4.01.13 (standalone install) with Windows 2000
Domain servername APPS01
Blackberry servername APPS01 (the name next to the green PC in Blackberry Manager?)
Running MSDE on the same server
Service account "bessvc"

I need to move to a new server with the following:

Windows 2003 SP1 server
Same BES version, MSDE and standalone install as original
The domain servername has to change to LDNPRDAPP17 (same domain). This is really the only thing that needs to change
Does the "Blackberry servername" need to be the same?
The service account and Exchange server will remain the same.

a) Pre-BES install tasks
1. Install Windows 2003 server and SP1
2. BES server needs Exchange 2003 system manager
3. Firewall needs to allow LDNPRDAPP17 and LDNDRAPP17 to initiate a TCP/IP connection on port 3101
4. Install MSDE (part of the BES install) - enable network protocols
a) BEFORE BES - copy the install CD to a local drive
b) open the setup.ini
c) in the "config" section add these vaules: DISABLENETWORKPROTOCOLS=0 and SAPWD=<sysadminpassword>
d) save
e) AFTER BES - run c:\program files\microsoft sql server\80\tools\binn\svrnetcn.exe and enable TCP\IP + named pipes
5. MDAC 2.8 SP1 needed (part of W2003 server)
6. BES account on Exchange, add to local admins on desination server
7. CDO version - copy C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\BIN\cdo.dll from apps01 and regsvr32 C:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\BIN\cdo.dll
8. Enable MAPI profiles - run ESM once, then run \BES\tools\fixmapisvc.exe

b) Install BES
The computer name shouldn't matter one bit with the BES itself - however the database may need a single change with the computer name change (although it really shouldn't).
Netbios name sometimes does not get update in the table MDSConfig>MDSHost - I think RIM may have fixed that now and you don't have to worry (have they?)

We have MSDE 2000 and it does reside on the BES. Can I simply copy MDF and LDF file from the config database to a temp location? Do I need to do anything with CFG file?

Yes you can ,copy them and put them in the SQL data directory of the new Server and attach the database,copying alone won't do it.

(this can be done via Enterprise Manager also)

C:\MSSQL7\Binn>osql E
1> exec sp_attach_db @dbname = 'besmgmt',
2> @filename1 = 'C:\MSSQL7\Data\besmgmt.mdf',
3> @filename2 = 'C:\MSSQL7\Data\besmgmtlog.ldf'
4> go

as for the rest of the move, all you will need to do is install the SAME version of BES on the new hardware, along with all service packs from the one you're moving from. you will need to keep the following FOUR items the same:
BES service account - bessvc
BES instance name - APPS01?
SRP identifier - xxxx
SRP auth key - xxxx

DO NOT start the BES application or services. at the end of EVERY installation, uncheck the box that states to start the services. if it prompts you to reboot the server, BEFORE YOU DO SO, go to Windows Services and set EVERY BlackBerry service to MANUAL. if it never prompts you to reboot, then go ahead and set these services to manual ANYHOW (until the migration has been completed).

I copied and pasted some of this from these boards and the RIM docs. Feel free to cut/paste/modify/advise!

I would appreciate any feedback.

Thanks in advance.

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