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Question The server is not responding. Please ...

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Hi all,
we have BES 4.0.5 for Exchange. Recently a user bought a new BB
with a Chinese SIM - because the old BB with an Italian SIM has problems.
I removed/re-added the user to BES, and tried a wireless activation,
but after many minutes the BB answer was "The server is not responding. Please contact your System Administrator".
I tried to reset the activation password, remove/re-add the user,
ask him to wipe security data in the BB, but it didn't work.
From MAGT log, it seems the activation begins - see below -
but BES can't reach the BB, and after many minutes the BB aborts
the activation.
Is it so? Any ideas about the reasons?

Any help would be appreciated.

[40282] (08/25 14:07:53):{0xE94} {} Queuing DATA from [email address], Tag=-1499544103, EntryId=12
[40700] (08/25 14:07:53):{0xE94} {} Receiving packet from device, size=432, TransactionId=393045020, Tag=-1499544103, content type=OTAKEYGEN, cmd=0x3
[40000] (08/25 14:07:53):{0xE94} *** OTAKEYGEN *** receiving KEY_REQUEST, transID = 556824472
[40000] (08/25 14:07:53):{0xE94} *** OTAKEYGEN *** receiving ACTIVATION request, transID = 556824472
[30000] (08/25 14:07:53):{0xE94} {} Sending data to Dispatcher, size=92, Tag=749
[40000] (08/25 14:07:53):{0xE94} {} SendToDispatcher, Tag=749
[40000] (08/25 14:07:53):{0xB5C} [BIPP] Send data, Tag=749
[40000] (08/25 14:07:53):{0xE94} {} Generating 3DES key
[40000] (08/25 14:07:53):{0x1EBC} [BIPP] Received status DELIVERED, Tag=749

[41079] (08/25 14:07:55):{0xE94} PagerImp::SaveChanges: changed items = 54, 70, 74, 85
[40000] (08/25 14:07:55):{0xE94} *** OTAKEYGEN *** sending KEY_ACCEPT transID = 556824472
[40583] (08/25 14:07:55):{0xE94} {} Sending packet to device, Size=251, Tag=750, TransactionId=-990990608
[40279] (08/25 14:07:55):{0xE94} {} SubmitToRelaySendQ, Tag=750
[40279] (08/25 14:07:55):{0xE94} {} SubmitToRelaySendQ, Tag=-1499544103
[40000] (08/25 14:07:55):{0xB5C} [BIPP] Send data, Tag=750
[40000] (08/25 14:07:55):{0xB5C} [BIPP] Send status DATA_ACCEPTED, Tag=-1499544103

[40282] (08/25 14:29:32):{0xE94} {} Queuing DATA from [email address], Tag=-1498446491, EntryId=13
[40700] (08/25 14:29:32):{0xE94} {} Receiving packet from device, size=81, TransactionId=393045023, Tag=-1498446491, content type=OTAKEYGEN, cmd=0x3
[40000] (08/25 14:29:32):{0xE94} *** OTAKEYGEN *** receiving ABORT_TRANSACTION, transID = 556824472
[30000] (08/25 14:29:32):{0xE94} {} Sending data to Dispatcher, size=300, Tag=753
[40000] (08/25 14:29:32):{0xE94} {} SendToDispatcher, Tag=753
[40000] (08/25 14:29:32):{0xB5C} [BIPP] Send data, Tag=753
[40000] (08/25 14:29:32):{0x1EBC} [BIPP] Received status DELIVERED, Tag=753
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The Activating... status stops responding for 10 minutes, retrying every 10 minutes with a Retrying... status. After 40 minutes, the process times out with this message:
The server is not responding. Please contact your System Administrator.

Causes for this behavior include the following:

An incorrect password was entered on the device multiple times.
The user account mailbox is full, or the messaging server is unable to send or receive messages.

Tip: To verify that you are able to send and receive messages, use your desktop email client to send and receive a standard message.

The wrong email address was entered for activation.

Tip: Validate the email address entered on the device during the activation process. If necessary, correct the address and retry the activation process.

Messages are routed to a PST folder (in Microsoft Exchange environments only). As a result, the BlackBerry Enterprise Server is unable to access the activation message.
The ETP message was deleted or modified by a anti-virus or message blocking software.

Tip: Check the messaging server to verify that it is not set to modify or block DAT files. Also, make sure that the domain is not blacklisted. For help, contact your mail server administrator.

The user account has not been added to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server, or the BlackBerry Enterprise Server administrator account does not have permissions to the user’s mailbox. As a result, ETP messages accumulate in the inbox. See KB-02276 for information on permissions.
The user’s BlackBerry message filters are configured to not redirect messages from the root Inbox folder, or the ETP message was moved to an Inbox sub-folder by message filters. Remove any filters that move these messages from the Inbox, verify that the filters in the BlackBerry Redirector settings are set to redirect messages from the Inbox, and retry the activation process.
The device failed to generate an ETP message.
Tip: Perform a hard reset of the device or install the latest BlackBerry Device Software version on the device using BlackBerry Application Loader. Then, retry the activation process.

The password set by the administrator in BlackBerry Manager or the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Management console was not applied correctly.
Tip: To verify that the password was applied correctly, close BlackBerry Manager or BlackBerry Enterprise Server Management console and reopen it. Verify the password is still listed under the user's properties. If the password is not present, verify that the SQL permissions are correct, make sure that there are no network connectivity issues to the SQL Server, and check the Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) version. See KB-03259 for instructions on determining the MDAC version.

The BlackBerry Enterprise Server has network issues, messaging application programming interface (MAPI) issues (in Microsoft Exchange environments only) or connectivity errors, or it has an incorrect version of MAPI32.dll. Check the application logs for related errors. Contact your service provider to determine the correct version of MAPI32.dll for your Microsoft Exchange version.
The device is not in an area with sufficient wireless coverage and is in the Activating… or Retrying… state. Test network connectivity by sending a personal information management (PIN) message.
The device is not properly provisioned.
Tip: A PIN message test can verify if the device is activated for standard wireless data; however, the device might not have been activated for enterprise traffic. Contact your wireless provider to verify that it has been activated for enterprise traffic.

The ServerConfigHistory table might have unfinished tasks for the user, preventing activation from continuing. (This occurs only if the user was previously added to the BlackBerry Enterprise Server.) Manually run the BlackBerry Configuration Database cleanup agents on the SQL Server to clear these tasks, then activate again.
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