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mattlane 09-05-2006 03:13 AM

Wireless reconcile when blackberry swicthed off.
If you switch your blackberry off for a while (a few days) then switch it back on. The first 4 or so mails are show as unread. even though they have been read. (this may be something to do with the mails being on the relay).

Then a few days later those mails which are unread on the device are now unread in outlook and the mails which were filed away are now back in the inbox. Now the blackberry and outlook are identical again IR you have the same amount od unread mails in your inbox s you do on the device but the mails have been previously read and filed. Sometimes this can effect 30 or so mails.

I am using bes and exchange 2003 sp2. I have spoke to my service provider and they have suggested that I remove the user from the bes, run handheld clean up on the account and re-add to the bes. Not a very good answer, as I believe it effects all of my users as I never noticed it until I tested it out on my account. I have a 8700 with loader files but I have also tested this with 7230's and can recreate the errors.

As anyone else experienced this and can they shed any light on this ?

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