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Jankers 09-13-2006 05:02 AM

'killing' BES mailbox connection
Apologies if this question has cropped up before, I've been searching the forums for answers but can't find anything related...

We are running two BES's (v4.0.4.9 and MSDE) and two Exchange 2003 SP1 Orgs in separate domains.

We are trying to migrate users between the two Exchange Orgs using a third party product. This obviously involves removing the user from one BES and then re-activating them against the other BES once the mailbox has been successfully migrated.

As part of the migration the third party migration product requires exclusive access to the source mailbox. Once I remove the user from the original BES (and remove BB info from the mailbox when prompted), I would expect the BES admin account to disconnect from the doesn't appear to and this is causing the migration to fail.

Other than restarting the BES services, or the server itself (which does work but isn't ideal) does anyone know of any tools or methods that can be used to ensure that the BES mailbox connection is closed when a user is removed from the BES console?

Stern 09-13-2006 06:08 AM

there is a handheld cleanup tool in the utilities folder

Livelink - Redirection

If that doesn't work you may need to run dbclean. You will need to contact your service provider for a copy of dbclean

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