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amukhey 09-13-2006 09:17 PM

Error Message on Outlook DManager 4.1
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I am 95% on the Domino end but got this error message today while trying to sync a BB with Outlook2003 and just upgraded the Dmanager. Its not recognizing that outlook 2003 is installed and being used when using the configure PIM feature.

The fix on the notes end would be to replace a dll file that would change the settings inside the configure pim from Lotus Notes 5/6 to lotus notes 5/6/7.

Anyone have any ideas? Please see attachment..


edonin 09-14-2006 05:26 AM

In my experience, to avoid that error message, the BlackBerry user's account that you're logged into Windows with needs the following:

1) An Outlook profile (preferably non-cached) created under that user's login

2) The Desktop Mananger has to be pointed to that Outlook profile. (Configured under the D-Manager Options menu's Profile Settings item).

3) Finally, while normally the default Intellisync settings are fine, depending on your BES version, they might need to be configured using either Intellisync's Configure PIM or Reset Configuration buttons.

If the user's Outlook profile doesn't exist, it can be configured by using the Email Account Wizard found within the Windows Control Panel Mail icon.

The logged in user usually needs local Admin rights to set up the Outlook profile and cannot be blocked by any Domain group policy from creating an Exchange/Outlook account.

I hope that helps.

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