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MitchG 09-26-2006 09:44 AM

Sync old calendar items from a 7250 to Exchange 5.5 mailbox?
This is a bit of a horror story. I basically need a way to synchronize old calendar items from a 7250 Blackberry back to an Exchange 5.5 mailbox.

Hereís what Iíve got:

Exchange 5.5 SP4
BES 4.0
7250 Blackberry

The problem is we have 3 Exchange 5.5 servers. One is a mailbox server, the others are for bridgehead\routing. We had a Blackberry user who for reasons that are too long to go into here had a hidden mailbox on our mailbox server and a non-hidden (accidentally) on our bridgehead server. The hidden mailbox was forwarding email to the non-hidden as an alternate recipient. The user was actually using his hidden mailbox with the Blackberry on the BES server. All was working fine until we decided to cleanup the exchange servers. We deleted the hidden mailbox as we thought it was unused and moved the non-hidden mailbox from the bridgehead server to mailbox server where it should be.

The end result was our user lost all of his Contact information and all of his Calendar items, but we were able to save his emails as both mailboxes had a copy. It also meant his Blackberry lost connection to the BES and Exchange mailbox (because we deleted the mailbox it was using). Now we have the Blackberry with up to date Calendar and Contacts, but the users Exchange mailbox doesnít have any of these details. The user in this case is unfortunately a VIP VP and a heavy user of Calendaring and needless to say is demanding the issue resolved ASAP.

We could restore the hidden mailbox, but it would take about 3 solid days of working on it and we donít really want to down that road. It would be much easier to force an overwrite from the Blackberry to the mailbox. In our tests so far weíve only managed to sync over new appointments and contacts that are added to the Blackberry and not the old stuff.

Hope that makes sense? Any suggestions gratefully received!!

Thanks, Mitch.

d_fisher 09-26-2006 10:26 AM

Make a backup of the handheld using Desktop Manager. Wipe the handheld and restore the Address Book, Calendar, Tasks, and MemoPad to the BlackBerry. Reactivate handheld. All the information on the BlackBerry should merge with the information in Exchange. I have done similiar things (w/Lotus Domino) with great success. And if it doesn't work, you still have a backup of the BlackBerry to try again.

MitchG 09-26-2006 02:20 PM

Thanks Doug. Will give it a try.

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