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cartwfh 10-24-2006 02:23 PM

Besmigration tool question
next week sometime I will be performing bes upgrades on our Blackberry backend environment but I am still unclear about a few things. We currently have 3 Bes servers all using the same besadmin mail profile, pointing to one large remote sql 2k database. I plan to do my upgrade in stages:

1. Stop the servers then run createdb utilty to upgrade the database.
2. run besmigration utitlity to populate the new database
3. perform in place ugrades to the threes servers to complete the process

Number 2 is the part i am not clear on. The upgrade manual reads as follows:

to preview the user migration from a BlackBerry Enterprise Server named BES02 to a BlackBerry
Enterprise Server named BES01, using a MAPI profile named BESAdmin, with a database server named
sqlserver1 and a configuration database named besmgmt, and to write migrate.log and status.tmp files to the
root directory, type besmigration.exe -s”BESADMIN” “BES02” “BES01” -d "sqlserver1" "besmgmt" -l migrate.log -t status.tmp -w -p.

I thought the migration was from the bes admin mail profile to the new database, not from server to server? I anticipated my command line entry for this utility to looks something like : besmigration.exe -s”BESADMIN” -d "sqlserver1" "besmgmt" -l migrate.log -t status.tmp -w -p

Perhaps I misunderstand what they are saying regarding the migration process. I amnot moving uses to a new server and I am not introducing any new server either.

cartwfh 10-26-2006 08:42 AM


MarkF 02-19-2007 03:17 PM

I have the same questions as cartwfh and my search results indicate someone else did too but no one ever answered. That would seem to indicate that not many people used the preview user migration tool.

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