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sanga.c 11-04-2006 10:58 AM

Enterprise activation fails
Had a working BES for a month. i had to create a BESAdmin account to run my services so i could fix calendar sync issues. now i can not activate devices wirelessly.

the email from the device doing enterprise activation makes it to the exchange mailbox and just sits there. i know something is wrong with the permissions for the BESadmin account i just do not know where they are messed up. all activated devices work with no issues.

im new to BES, but im proficient with server/exchange 2003 if anyone knows where i should start trouble shooting please inform. rim support contract i have will not allow me to call on weekends, sadly this is the only time i have to work on this issue

BBAdmin 11-04-2006 03:11 PM

Check to make sure that the activation message sent from the BES to the users mailbox isn't getting flagged up as SPAM or malicious. The email will come from an address along the lines of "network@etp......." and then varies, and the file sent with the email has the extention .DAT

Also make sure the BESAdmin permissions are being inherited by the users.

sanga.c 11-04-2006 10:33 PM

the message is not getting flagged as spam. it gets to the users exchange inbox ut does not get processed by the blackberry service. i ended up switching all the blackberry service user accounts back to administrator and i was able to activate a device.

the permissions for the BESAdmin account i created are insufficient for processing that message from a users exchange inbox, i followed the instructions from tt support but something is missing that i can not find.

i might just leave the services running as DOMAIN/administrator and modify the permissions for this account to allow calendar sync from blackberry to exchange

Torsten 01-08-2007 02:04 PM

Hi, I was having the exact same problem.
Activation emails reached the users inbox and just sat there without ever being processed. The BB device would then just time out after a while.

However, this only affected new domain user accounts that were added to BES. Activating BB's using already existing domain user accounts always worked flawlessly.
After a truckload of fruitless attempts to solve the issue, I decided to restart ALL Blackberry Services on the server - and voila! It works perfectly fine now.

Unfortunately, I didn't monitor the users inbox while I was restarting the services. So I don't know which exact service was the culprit.

I hope this information helps some of you.


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