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rliebsch 12-01-2006 05:35 PM

Twist on the CDO.DLL
We all know CDO and MAPI must match between the BES and the Exchange server.

Suppose you have an Exchange 2000 server and an Exchange 2003 server with a BES. The CDO's can only match between BES and one of the Exchange Servers. What do you do about the mismatched CDO/MAPI combination?

Can this love triangle work?

mattlane 12-04-2006 06:19 AM

It will not work properley you will need to have 2 bes servers configured. One for your exchange 2000 users and one for your exchange 2003 users. you will find that it does work but you will run into problems (syncing and calendar issues).

||||||| 12-04-2006 07:51 AM

All you need on the Bes is for the CDO.dll and Mapi to match. Then they must the same as or HIGHER than the version on the highest Exchange Server.

if you are running Exchange 2k3 Sp1 and 2k you must run ESM 2K3 Sp1 on the BES with the matching CDO.dll

BBAdmin 12-04-2006 12:38 PM

Exactly, run the most recent versions of the ESM to ensure backwards compatibility, and make sure the CDO files are the same on BES and all Exchanges. I have several clients running mixed mode across serveral Exchanges on multiple version numbers, all fine with full functionality.

rliebsch 12-04-2006 08:11 PM

Thanks for the input. Everything was working properly for quite some time, I'd say since my last BES rebuild (so several months). The CDO, MAPI, and ESM are all most current versions matching the E2k3 server, on which there are no errors.

But within the last couple of weeks, I've had the CalHelper.exe hovering 94% and higher constantly. I get errors in the Application Log with ID 40578, that CDO helper worker threads are not responding. And in the BES_MAGT, I get the corresponding CDO failures and worker thread not responding. And they are all specific to the E2K server.

So far, my best lead comes from some backup errors in specific mailboxes indicating some corrupt calendar items in the RIM folders for a particular user. This also matches another CDO thread posted some time ago regarding similar errors related to a particular user.

I think I am going to wipe and init the handheld again and see if that helps.

Other than that, I'm kinda creeping along on broken glass...

FWIW here is a health check:

[30181] (12/04 16:59:52):{0xCFC} Performing system health check (BlackBerry Mailbox Agent 2 - BESX Version
[30038] (12/04 16:59:52):{0xCFC} Thread: *** No Response *** Thread Id=0xC48, Handle=0x84C, WaitCount=1, NEW_MAILBOX_PACKET event for User: [email address] on Server: EXCHANGE
[30472] (12/04 16:59:52):{0xCFC} Worker Thread seems to be blocked below configured value (1)
[50020] (12/04 16:59:52):{0xCFC} Some worker threads have been blocked for 1 health checks
[40360] (12/04 16:59:52):{0xCFC} [BIPP] Health: QSize=0, intMap=0
[40578] (12/04 16:59:57):{0x8A8} CDO helper 04850048 - worker thread not responding, Calling ProcessReqRespFromMapi

and here is one of the timeouts
[40000] (12/04 17:00:24):{0xC48} Timeout for CDO helper 04850048 in WaitForCalHelperToComplete
[40000] (12/04 17:00:24):{0xC48} CDO helper 04850048 terminated in WaitForCalHelperToComplete
[40000] (12/04 17:00:24):{0xC48} {} WaitForCalHelperToComplete returned 'false' in RunCalHelper
[40000] (12/04 17:00:34):{0xC48} {} Retrying (3) CDO helper 04850048 call in RunCalHelper
[40000] (12/04 17:00:34):{0xC48} Starting new CDO helper 04850048
[40574] (12/04 17:00:34):{0x8A8} CDO helper 04850048 started
[30000] (12/04 17:00:34):{0x8A8} {user}- Registry AddOwnerApptID is Disable
[40000] (12/04 17:00:35):{0x8A8} {user}-ChangeToSMTPAddress- SMTP address of the current owner is [email address]
[40000] (12/04 17:00:35):{0x8A8} {}-GetMAPITZI- Property tag of PR_RECURRENCE_TIMEZONE is invalid 0x81c2000a
[40000] (12/04 17:00:35):{0x8A8} {}-GuessTimeZoneIndex-GetMAPITZI() failed
[40406] (12/04 17:00:35):{0x8A8} {} CDOCalendar::GetRIMMeetingReq - GuessTimeZoneIndex (0x80004005) failed.

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