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Mathos 01-19-2007 07:52 AM

calendar synchro problems ?
We have a BES v.4.0 with for the moment 16 users.

When a meeting is registered in Outlook, the meeting arrives well in the device BlackBerry.

When it is cancelled in the device, it is not removed in Outlook.

When a new meeting is creates in the device, it does not fit either in outlook.

The configuration is synchro bidirectional

There is a lot of logs but I do not find any error.

The only error in the logs is as follows but the use is not th problem user:
<2007-01-19 10:12:30 CET>:[1746]:<MDS_MAIL06>:<DEBUG>:<LAYER = IPPP, EVENT = Sending, TAG = 382402713, DEVICEPIN = xx42xx23, USERID = u4, VERSION = 16, CONNECTIONID = 1494558800, SEQUENCE = 0, TYPE = ERROR, SIZE = 59, ERRORCODE = 127, ERRORMSG = [ bsm Connection Handler does not exist]>

Does somebody have an idea?


BBAdmin 01-19-2007 07:54 AM

Have a look at your CDO.dll versions. Outlooks versions of CDO don't support wireless calendar sync, that's why you need to have the CDO from your Exchange registered on the BES as well. Start there.

Mathos 01-19-2007 08:08 AM

The CDO.DLL on the BES server is 6.5.6980.3 (c\Program Files\Exchsrvr\bin)
On the Exchange server we have 6.5.7226.0 (Exchange 2003 SP1)

edonin 01-19-2007 08:27 AM

At the very least, the versions of cdo.dll should match on the BES and Exchange servers. To err on the side of caution, do the following:

1) Open the services console, set all of your BES services to manual, and then reboot.

After the reboot:

2) On the BES: open a command prompt, change directory to your c:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\bin folder.

3) Type regsvr32 /u cdo.dll to unregister the current cdo.dll version.

4) Rename the stopped cdo.dll file to something like cdo.old

5) Copy over the newer cdo.dll file from your Exchange server to the BES c:\Program Files\Exchsrvr\bin folder.

6) Type regsvr32 cdo.dll to register the new version of the file.

7) Reset the BES services back to Automatic in the Services console, and then reboot the BES.

Post Reboot:

Send a test invitation to one of your users and have the user accept the test invitation. Their issue should now be hopefully be fixed.

Mathos 01-19-2007 09:26 AM

OK done

Wait & see ....

Thank you very much


Mathos 01-20-2007 08:13 AM

Unfortunately that does not solve the problem

Other idea ?

Ebrahimbat 01-21-2007 08:07 AM

we have the same problem...any help or idea on this...



Liquidlink 01-21-2007 02:25 PM

We had a problem like this but it was with sending mail on the BB device. Make sure that BESADMIN has the proper rights to your mail account. I don't know if this will help but it might.

The other option is to check your firewall and make your that the firewall is not blocking .dat files.

Hope this helps

Mathos 01-21-2007 03:00 PM


Why the dat files? The dat files are only used in one way ?

The only element that I don't manage is the DMZ and the firewalls...

All is good from exchange server to the mobile and never good in the other direction...

For the BESADMIN rights I followed scrupulously the installation guide.

Liquidlink 01-21-2007 06:45 PM


Originally Posted by Mathos
Why the dat files? The dat files are only used in one way ?
The only element that I don't manage is the DMZ and the firewalls...
All is good from exchange server to the mobile and never good in the other direction...
For the BESADMIN rights I followed scrupulously the installation guide.

Dat files are send for all emails and for sync of device. If the firewall is sent to block the .dat file then the sync will have a problem. We had this problem when we switch from using redirector to BES. We had to make sure our firewall was not blocking the dat files.

BESADMIN was to have rights to each users mail accounts. I know BESADMIN needs Send As rights but I am not sure of the other ones.

Mathos 01-22-2007 05:10 AM

When I send an e-mail from the device all is OK but I do not see anything on port 3101 in the DMZ ...??

When I send from the device an invitation to a meeting I have a red cross on the device and always nothing in the DMZ.

Which is the normal flow of an e-mail starting from the device?

In our DMZ we allowed the traffic in and outgoing on the port 3101 only for but this rule does not seem used for the ingoing e-mails ??? nothing in the log

Mathos 01-24-2007 02:18 PM

No more idea ?

For the sync & the port 3101 ?

Zro 01-24-2007 06:15 PM

BES does not use .dat files. Toss that idea right out the window.

In your post with the CDO versions, it looks like you had older CDO on the BES. Make sure they are the same or the BES is higher.

I would doublecheck the permission requirements. Especially the send as/receive as permissions. Domain Admins have send as/receive as denied, so make sure the BESAdmin acct is not in the Domain Admins (but is in local admins).


Mathos 01-31-2007 11:42 AM

CDO.dll are now identical to those of exchange 2003 SP1 and the rights are correct

The BesAdmin is local Admin of the BES server and have send as/receive as and manage store: BesAdmin is not domain admin or others...just domain user
(For the BESADMIN rights I followed scrupulously the installation guide.)

An invitation leaves the device with small v green and then a few seconds later red cross (a not indexed message of error)

itguy 02-07-2007 10:11 AM

We have had this issue in the past for single users on our bes not affecting all users. Our solution was to call our provider (Cingular) and have them de-register the blackberry on their network and re-register it. Then go through the enterprise activation again. This has fixed about 6 different 'goofy' issues we have encountered over the past 3 years. Go figure......

Jeeps 02-08-2007 10:10 AM

When we were on BES 4.0 we had the same issue and it ended up being the secretary deleting the appointment for their boss and the appointment would remain on the bosses calendar because the deleted item goes in to the secretary's deleted items and not the boses deleted items. If the BES did not see the item in the boses deleted items, then it was never moved from his or her calendar. Very difficult ot explain this to users. Fortunately, this was fixed in 4.1.

Mathos 06-11-2007 03:13 AM


I found the solution.

My user was simply hidden in the Global Adress List of MS-Exchange

When my mailbox returns visible all is right.

A issue for RIM ???

cwi_bes 06-11-2007 05:22 AM

in our BES 4.0.5 environment (approx 200 users, exchange 2003 SP2) we see a LOT of wireless calendar sync problems, most of them including disappearing calender items on the BB!

most of them have delegates looking into their calendars, invitations get accepted, updated, and then... lost. We have constantly users complaining about non-synchronised calender entries.

we have the same CDO.dll registered... any ideas??

hdawg 06-11-2007 06:11 AM

You really should start a new thread ... Do you have people using the Desktop Manager syncing that you don't know about perhaps?

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