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pzkzm9 09-23-2004 09:14 AM

Dedicated SQL 2000 SP3 box
I currently support several BlackBerry 3.6 sp3 servers that all run their own indivdual MSDE database. I am going to be migrating to a dedicated SQL 2000 box that will host a shared BESMgmt database for all of my BES servers.

RIM's documentation is pretty weak on the configuration and specific permissions needed on the database. I have created the database on the SQL server using the creatdb.exe utility "I was also logged onto the SQL box with the BES service account, which is part of the admintrators group on the SQL box".

My question is do I need to do any further permmisoning via the SQL MMC management snap in, or will the database have all the correct permissions required based on the fact that I was logged as the BES service account when I created the database.

Also ... do I need to increase the size of the database, it would appear that it created the database with a default size of 2.5 meg, only leaving me with another .6 meg of available space. What is the recommended size for the database. I will laos leverage this database when I migrate to BES 4.0, which I understand to use the database significantly more than 3.6.


gsx95 10-01-2004 10:16 PM

the bes service account needs to be local admin on the box.

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