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Freshapple 04-16-2005 12:53 AM

How do I change the MDS port in 4.0?
I am having an error with MDS on the server "running". I think I need to change the MDS port. All users are set to have MDS active. It's the server MDS status that does not connect and keeps stalling or timing out and becomes "stopped". By default, the first BlackBerry Enterprise Server or MDS installed will use port 3200. Subsequent installations will use port 3201, then port 3202 and then port 3203. However, the MDS service will not always bind to the correct port. I think I need it set to 3201. This is the second install I have done on this server. The first I botched by installing it under the domain admin login. This second install was done under the bes service acoxxxx login. Does anyone know how to change the MDS port in 4.0?

jibi 04-16-2005 01:42 PM

You MAY want to install SP1 if this is for Exchange. It sounds like this bug was fixed in that.

I'm not really sure on the CORRECT answer to your question, however, you may simply be able to change the syntax of the SQL query to this:


At this numerical prompt: 1> type the following command: update ServerConfig set ExternalServicesPort=3201 where ServiceName='VirtualBESServerName' and press Enter.
Again, this may or may not work. This is the same command for 3.x changed to the correct table and values for 4.0. Just as a disclaimer, I would not attempt this myself on my database (personally speaking) without speaking to RIM first. There are only two places in the 4.0 database where 3200 exists and that is the table above (ServerConfig) and GlobalSettings (under column - 'NextExternalServicesPort').

Hope that may help.

jibi 04-16-2005 09:13 PM

Also, let me state that I do not think you are reading the knowledge base article correctly. Prior to BES 4.0, more than one virtual server could exist on the same physical server. This is what the article means by stating 'subsequent installations'. With BES 4.0, only one virtual server can exist on each physical server (better coding, better management, better handling of users), thus there will be no 'subsequent installation' in the terminology usage of previous versions of BES. This is why you can see that in the GlobalSettings table, '3200' is the value of the 'NextExternalServicesPort' column, despite '3200' already being the value of the 'ExternalServicesPort' currently in use.

Hope that makes sense. For your reasoning behind the need to change the port, I do not think the knowledge base article should be applied to your issue with BES 4.0. Try upgrading to SP1 to see if it fixes the issue. There is also another method by dropping the database and recreating it that may fix the issue as well (there is either a knowledge base article on or a thread in this forum that describes this process).

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