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Default Enterprise Activation not pulling down messages.

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Last night we did the DST patching on our network and for some reason I had to remove my user my the BES server and then add myself again. But when I did the enterprise activation with my blackberry, it didn't pull down my messages even though BES is set to go back 14 days. I noticed that during the activation, the list wasn't as long as it normally is. Maybe 7 items like tasks, calender, memo's, but NOT messages. I just tried again this morning to do the activation again and still the same thing.


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Try to delete the state database in the folder BES\state. This will remove all settings , browser links etc. (First remove user!)
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Is your mail file encrypted in anyway on the server?
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Have you tried Slow Synch????
-If you try slow synch (it takes a bit sometimes, depending on what server your on and ow many people are on it.
- Soon they will have LOAD BALANCING for BES, but you should ping eg. MSGG (bes server that your on)

Are you removing the servicebook? before you start EA?

-Keep in mind this is not an EA issue, so I would not suggest whipping the device, and recreating CU

Craddle the device, double check and make sure yo can recieve data on your Blackberrry via Lotus Notes.
Have your collague send you a message
subject:<confirm> <------ this will automatically confirm if your device is active (even though this might not be neccessary. but its important to do the basic troubleshooting

What version of Lotus Notes are you running (assuming 6.5.5) ?

Does you NOTES have all the correct information?

well, anways I'll try my best.
NOTE: These folders may be hidden (uncheck)

1.Go to C:\Documents and Settings\[XP USER NAME]\Local Settings\Application Data\lotus\notes\data\ (rename bookmarks.nsf to bookmarks_old.nsf)

2. Go to H:\config\NotesConfig\ [copy notes.ini file to the local C: drive in the directory ....notes\data\ (replace notes.ini)

3. Launch Notes.ini from the C: directory search for the line "fault Recovery_655 cch"

4. Delete everything under that line, and save.

5. Launch names.nsf from H:\config\NotesConfig (essentially bridging the connection to the local computer to your profile (intranet) located on your H drive.

6. The Lotus Notes wizard will launch, type in the Domino server your on eg. MSGM2205 (this needs to match the server end if there was a migration)

7. check in your workspace if everything looks alright like e-mails/contacts etc.

8. via Lotus Notes> workspace> rightclick on your Domino [ICON] box

9. refresh the design (this will populate the correct information from the server)

10. via Lotus Notes> Actions> synch Address Book/ synch Journal (memos)
----------------------Other than that I need more info to help you out-----
-Check iNOTES to see if it has the correct entries and matches names.nsf


Quick Overview of Lotus Notes functions:

Standard Notes C:\Program Files\Notes\Data
Lotus Notes Files
File Name Description
bookmark.nsf Contains your saved bookmarks and welcome page information
Busytime.nsf Contains your local free time information
Cache.NDK Contains Cache information. Safe to Delete. If this file grows very large it can make Lotus Notes run slowly
Cache.ntf Contains Cache information. Safe to Delete. If this file grows very large it can make Lotus Notes run slowly
desktop6.ndk Contains the workspace and workspace icon information
headline.nsf Contains database subscription information
Install.log Contains configuration info from when Lotus was installed. Used when upgrading
Internet.nsf Contains your newsgroup subscriptions (NNTP)
Names.nsf Contains your contacts, connections, locations and Personal Address Book info
Notes.ini Contains lotus notes setup information including user preferences
perweb.nsf Contains personal web navigator database and web browser information
user.dic Contains your personal dictionary.
*.ID Contains your Login ID and Password. Encrypted of course
*.NSF Local databases are stored in the Data directory. Archives end in .NSF and default to being in the archive folder
Lotus Notes Processes
Process Name Discretion
nAlDaemn.exe Alarm daemon. Daemon in computer lingo (roots are in origins of Unix) is a program that runs in the background taking care of a specific task. In this case, Alarm Daemon looks for new mail and calendar alerts.
nHLDaemn.exe Head Line daemon is in charge of subscriptions. If you do not use subscriptions, simply turn it off: File - Preferences - User Preferences, then unchek the "Check Subscriptions" checkbox. Save about 1,5meg of memory. Both, alarm and headline daemons were born as a trade off to more "standard" ways of doing things in Notes. It would be logical to use an agent to check for things periodically, but that would take up way too much resources, so as a solution Iris came up with these specialized daemons.
nApDaemn.exe In Admin client this daemon creates information in the Files tab.
nAdminP.exe A process that handles or automates many administrative tasks.
nAMgr.exe Agent manager. There may be more than one running. Executes Notes agents.
nHTTP.exe The HTTP protocol stack. Basically as far as I care, its a two-ended black box. It talks to Notes from one end and to user's browser on the other.
nLNotes.exe The actual executable of Lotus Notes Client. It is usually launched by Notes.exe
nXpcDmn.exe Using this program Notes communicates via com-ports (modems, x.25 type of equipment)
nPOP3.exe This process runs on the server only. It answers to requests for POP mail. POP (post-office protocol) is a way for a client, such as MS Outlook to read mail stored on a server (Domino).
nWRDaemn.exe Workstation background Replicator. asically the engine of your replicator tab. Thanks to this daemon replication can occur in the background.
nMinder.exe Daemon for Notes Minder. Will notify you of email without Notes Client running.
nUpdate.exe When changes made to documents in a database, sometimes updates to view need to be performed as well. Notes handles view updates as follows. When a view update is necessary, a view update request is placed on queue. nUpdate pickes up view update requests and executes them.
nWeb.exe Web retriever. Simply feeds web pages into a Notes database. It is used whenever browsing the Web using Notes' built-in browser.
ntaskldr.exe Ntaskldr.exe is the Notes Task Loader in Notes 6 Client; it is the replacement process for all Notes R5 Client tasks, such as nupdate, namgr, nhldaemn, naldaeam, etc. In Notes R5 Client a separate process runs for each individual Notes task.

Ntaskldr.exe is a single process that runs on Windows operating systems, and carries out the various tasks by spawning threads instead of loading individual processes. The executables corresponding to the Notes 6 Client on the Processes list/tab of the Windows Task Manager are Nlnotes.exe and Ntaskldr.exe.

Note: The Ntaskldr executable does not load until a Notes Client task is started
Make sure the BES is grabbing the correct info, and corresponds with the correct PRIMARY server

SEARCH: John Smith/NewYork/DBNA/DeuBa
Search log: FOUND ON : BlackberryNA02/DBNA/DeuBa
User: CN=John Smith/OU=NewYork/OU=DBNA/O=DeuBa
PIN: 3003102F (example)
BES Server: CN=BlackberryNA02/OU=DBNA/O=DeuBa
State DB: BES\state\1106784589.nsf
Mail File: mail4\SMITJOH.NSF <-----------users id file located in C:\.....Notes\Data
Routing Info: S123678
Network Type: CDMA
Currently Craddled: NO
MDS status: ENABLED <---------must be on
Wireless Calandar: ENABLED
Forward Filter: Forward messages to the handhekd by default if filters don't match

----------------------Have you tried this ^ i think all that info is going to confuse the hell out of you, im speaking a different language lol---------------

Im not sure if you have tried this.
I think all the other information im just going to confuse the hell out of you

By default, the BlackBerry Enterprise Server will only pre-populate the past 30 days of calendar information, starting on the day of Enterprise activation. Any calendar entries from before this point will automatically transfer to the device.

First, disable wireless synchronization on the device.

From the Home screen on the device, open theCalendar application.
Click the trackwheel and selectOptions.
On the Options screen, scroll down to Wireless Synchronization and click the trackwheel. SelectChange Option.
Change the option to No.
Click the trackwheel and select Save.
Second, configure the Intellisync settings in Desktop Manager to point to the wired calendar synchronization.

Connect the device to your personal computer and open Desktop Manager.
Double-click Intellisync. The Intellisync window opens. Click Configure PIM.
Highlight the Calendar application, and clickChoose.
From the Available Applications list, select MS Outlook.
Click Options. Select the user profile and click OK.
Verify that the user mailbox appears in the Folder Name field.
Set the operation to one of the following:
Synchronize: This is the default option. All personal information management (PIM) data entries on the device and Outlook are synchronized.
Import: PIM data entries are transferred from Outlook to the device.
Export: PIM data entries are transferred from the device to Outlook.
Click Configure>Advanced Settings.
Use the Date Range tab to configure the range of days for the calendar entries that you would like transferred to the device.
Click OK>OK. Then clickSynchronize Now. This will transfer all the calendar entries specified in the date range to the device.

Finally, reset the settings to wireless synchronization.

Click Configure PIM.
Highlight the Calendar application, and clickChoose.
From the Available Applications list, selectBlackBerry Wireless Sync. Then, clickOK.
Cingular Blackberry 8800
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Remember that when you first create the account and activate the pre-population works. So for example you may set the pre population to pull down the first 200 message. This is recorded in the state database ( stand to be corrected) , so when you reset your activation password and re-activate your pre-population will not work because BES has recorded this task as done. You need to remove your account fully along with the state database and then recreated your account. Once this happens all your mail will come down.

Hope this helps
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