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Mark Rejhon 05-27-2007 12:55 PM

Re-enabling Keystroke Injection when removing from BES (for Bluetooth keyboards)

Regarding: Keystroke Injection security permission
(Options Icon -> Security Options -> Application Permissions -> Edit Permissions -> Interactions -> Keystroke Injection)

When removing BlackBerries from BES, the Keystroke Injection permission isn't re-enabled. This means that any BlackBerry formerly on a BES, can no longer use Bluetooth keyboards (i.e. Stowaway Shasta, Freedom Universal Keyboard). I am suspecting that it is some kind of a bug in some versions of BES that doesn't properly re-enable this feature when legally removing a BlackBerry from a BES for unrestricted non-BES use.

What is the solution to remedy this problem? Re-add to BES, re-enable this feature, and then remove from BES again? If so, what is the minimum BES version that is required, in order for this procedure to work?

Alternatively, is there an undocumented workaround that may avoid needing to re-add the BlackBerry back on the BES, to fix the Keystroke Injection security permission?

John Clark 05-27-2007 01:25 PM

I would LOVE to know this as well!! I have searched and searched and I've not found anything yet. I was wondering if maybe a "trial period" on ExchangeMyMail or the like would work.

chrismacsween 05-31-2007 08:04 AM

The only way we know of is to reconnect to the BES and then edit the keystroke injection to allow.
John, your idea sounds like a runner but you would have to ensure that the policy on ExchangeMymail is set to allow or you would achieve nothing.

Incidentally, we have heard from some 8300 corporate users that they have been able to change the settings on the handheld even if the BES is set to the default deny. As such, maybe some of the newer OS versions work slightly differently? We haven't yet been able to establish which OS versions these people are running.

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