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fedux 06-04-2007 06:12 PM

problem using SOAP
Hi, when i run the GWSoapConnector.exe command

[54001] (06/04 20:03:07):{0xF40} {GWSC} {GWSOAPConnector} Starting GWSOAPConnector
[34192] (06/04 20:03:07):{0xF40} {GWSC} {GWSOAPConnector} Database Edition=PERSONAL_MSDE
[34483] (06/04 20:03:08):{0x990} {BESMgmt} {GWSOAPConnector} Begin BESMgmt Thread
[34157] (06/04 20:03:08):{0xF40} {GWSC} {GWSOAPConnector} Novell GroupWiseObject Library: C:\Novell\GroupWise\\gwcma1.dll, Version: 6.5.7
[34493] (06/04 20:03:08):{0xF40} {GWSC} {GWSOAPConnector} GWSOAPConnector Version:
[34480] (06/04 20:03:08):{0xF40} {GWSC} {GWSOAPConnector} GW API Mode=GW_SOAP
[34480] (06/04 20:03:08):{0xF40} {GWSC} {GWSOAPConnector} SSL=OPTIONAL
[34154] (06/04 20:03:08):{0xF40} {GWSC} {GWSOAPConnector} Mailstore test start, test level=1
[34116] (06/04 20:03:08):{0xF40} {GWSC} {admin} Login: Start
[14047] (06/04 20:03:09):{0xF40} {GWSC} {admin} Login Failed: Err=Cyclic redirection
[34045] (06/04 20:03:09):{0xF40} {GWSC} {admin} Logout admin user
[14095] (06/04 20:03:09):{0xF40} {GWSC} {GWSOAPConnector} Mailstore test failed
[54002] (06/04 20:03:09):{0xF40} {GWSC} {GWSOAPConnector} Terminating GWSOAPConnector

i use gw client 6.5.7 on a win2000 server SP4


THafemann 06-05-2007 07:36 AM

Yes, it shouldn't work
Hey there,

I don't think that 6.5.7 is SOAP compatible. You need Client 7.0.1+ do to it.

So, either you have to upgrade your client, or you have to back rev your database.

Let me share this with you.

1. There is RARELY anyone in here from RIM, so the advice is ONLY as good as the people giving it.
2. This has been my first experience with RIM and Blackberry. I configured everything the way they outline it and have problems, so what do I do, I call tech support. They tell me that the SOAP stuff doesn't work and make me back off my Groupwise Client and reconfigure my Database to run the API way. I call again because activation on all my Blackberry's doesn't work. I told them how I was setup and they said "Who told you that?" I gave them the person's name and incident number and the told me they were wrong.
3. I have installed 4.1.3 hp2 from the start. I can not get my Address book to sync properly and I have other little issues, like GW Messenger not updating. Anyway, it took over a week for them to come back and say, "Yes, we know it is broken. We'll get a fix out in the next SP whenever that is. Meantime, sorry." What a crock.

Since we are in the testing phaze of this, I think we are going to give up on Blackberry and RIM at the end of this month. It hasn't been worth it.


fedux 06-05-2007 02:45 PM

Hi, thank for your answer.
i change the config to OAPI and then run GWConnector.exe

[54001] (06/05 16:41:35):{0xAE0} {GWCO} {GWConnector} Starting GWConnector
[34192] (06/05 16:41:35):{0xAE0} {GWCO} {GWConnector} Database Edition=PERSONAL_MSDE
[34157] (06/05 16:41:35):{0xAE0} {GWCO} {GWConnector} Novell GroupWiseObject Library: C:\Novell\GroupWise\\gwcma1.dll, Version: 6.5.7
[34493] (06/05 16:41:35):{0xAE0} {GWCO} {GWConnector} GWConnector Version:
[34481] (06/05 16:41:35):{0xAE0} {GWCO} {GWConnector} GW API Mode=GW_OAPI
[34154] (06/05 16:41:35):{0xAE0} {GWCO} {GWConnector} Mailstore test start, test level=1
[34116] (06/05 16:41:35):{0xAE0} {GWCO} {admin} Login: Start
[34117] (06/05 16:41:36):{0xAE0} {GWCO} {admin} Login Successful: DOMAIN=venezuela, POA=tecinf
[34443] (06/05 16:41:36):{0xAE0} {GWCO} {admin} POA Test: Successful
[34108] (06/05 16:41:36):{0xAE0} {GWCO} {admin} Folders: Start
[34109] (06/05 16:41:36):{0xAE0} {GWCO} {admin} Folders: Test successful
[34127] (06/05 16:41:36):{0xAE0} {GWCO} {admin} Messages: Start
[34128] (06/05 16:41:36):{0xAE0} {GWCO} {admin} Messages: Test successful
[34134] (06/05 16:41:36):{0xAE0} {GWCO} {admin} QuickMessages: Check New test start
[34135] (06/05 16:41:36):{0xAE0} {GWCO} {admin} QuickMessages: Check New test successful
[34137] (06/05 16:41:36):{0xAE0} {GWCO} {admin} QuickMessages: Check Changes test start
[34138] (06/05 16:41:36):{0xAE0} {GWCO} {admin} QuickMessages: Check Changes test successful
[34129] (06/05 16:41:36):{0xAE0} {GWCO} {admin} Appointments: Start
[34130] (06/05 16:41:36):{0xAE0} {GWCO} {admin} Appointments: Test successful
[34140] (06/05 16:41:36):{0xAE0} {GWCO} {admin} CalendarQuery: Start
[34141] (06/05 16:41:36):{0xAE0} {GWCO} {admin} CalendarQuery: Successful, items=2
[34131] (06/05 16:41:36):{0xAE0} {GWCO} {admin} Messages: Deleted test message.
[34132] (06/05 16:41:36):{0xAE0} {GWCO} {admin} Messages: Deleted test appointment.
[34142] (06/05 16:41:36):{0xAE0} {GWCO} {admin} Trash: Start
[34143] (06/05 16:41:36):{0xAE0} {GWCO} {admin} Trash: query successful, entries=2
[34133] (06/05 16:41:36):{0xAE0} {GWCO} {admin} Cleanup: Deleting test items from trash
[34144] (06/05 16:41:36):{0xAE0} {GWCO} {admin} AddressBooks: Start, Book=Frequent Contacts
[14085] (06/05 16:41:36):{0xAE0} {GWCO} {admin} AddressBooks: Book could not be found
[34045] (06/05 16:41:36):{0xAE0} {GWCO} {admin} Logout admin user
[14095] (06/05 16:41:36):{0xAE0} {GWCO} {GWConnector} Mailstore test failed
[54002] (06/05 16:41:36):{0xAE0} {GWCO} {GWConnector} Terminating GWConnector


the rest of item sync ok but de AB.....:x


THafemann 06-05-2007 04:47 PM

AH, the address book problem
Hey there,

If you are on 4.1.3 hp2, then, the address books don't work. I had an incident open with RIM and they said, "Yes, we know it is broken. Well fix it in the next release when we get to it." and they closed the incident.

I have had it with RIM. I am going back to Nokia.

NJBlackBerry 06-05-2007 05:50 PM


Originally Posted by THafemann
1. There is RARELY anyone in here from RIM, so the advice is ONLY as good as the people giving it.

Did you realize that this site is not owned, operated, maintained or monitored by RIM?

I realize you are frustrated, but don't even THINK about taking it out on the people in this forum.

Especially the vast majority of the BlackBerry world is using either Exchange or Notes. So there may not be very many people anywhere with your experiences.

THafemann 06-06-2007 07:54 AM

Well then...
Hello there,

Is there a forum that IS moderated by RIM somewhere?

As I have seen, there have been a bunch of people here, crying out for help, with only other people who are suffering with the same problems. Their issues have gone days and weeks without even being addressed. Some people never get replies. Look back 3 or 4 weeks ago and see how many people do not have a single reply hit on their issue.

As I was looking for answers BEFORE I posted anything, I looked through the forum to see if other people were having any other issues. Yes, they are out there, but no resolve to them. Not even a reply.

Please don't take the frustration personally, unless you are personally reponsible for not getting back to people. Then, yes, it is on your shoulders.

There are really two conclusions to this. 1. The forum is so understaffed with moderators that there is no way they can get to all the issues. If this is the case, the forum if somewhat doomed. 2. The forum has enough staff but they are only going to pick and choose the problems their are going to address, in which case, the forum is still doomed.

No, I had no clue that this wasn't a RIM sponsored, maintained.... forum. I would think it would be because in nearly every email I have gotten from them in all my incidents the tech suggests finding solutions to my problems here.



NJBlackBerry 06-06-2007 08:16 AM

I am glad you realize that this forum is not associated with RIM. I do believe it says so on the home page, but anyway.

Wow - blaming the moderators on a private forum for your difficulties in using a commercially available product is really poor form.

Conclusion 3: You are blaming the wrong people.

Why are you blaming the moderators, who, contrary to popular belief do not know everything - especially about your unusual setup - and do not work for RIM and are all volunteers here.

You came onto a forum, and blamed everyone else for YOUR PROBLEMS.

You have an issue with Research in Motion. Take it up with them.

THafemann 06-06-2007 09:41 AM

You are taking this the wrong way.

Private forum or sponsored forum. Doesn't really matter. The folks that run this have created an environment that, a forum in its very nature, is suppose to be a place where people talk about things, issues, praises, etc. That's a forum.

The fact that is "Blackberry forum" says that the focus is on Blackberry and RIM. I would expect that the people that run the forum know more about what is going on with Blackberry and RIM and not necessarily the latest Toastmaster Toaster oven. If I goto a forum named "" and someone tells me that they don't know anything about nokia, nor are they affiliated with Nokia in any way, nor are they sponsored by anyone having any dealing with Nokia, why the *&^%$ would they name their forum with the word "nokia" in it?

Your conclusion is wrong. I blamed nobody here for the problems I am having with RIM. Their HP2 is bad and they know it.

I point the finger at this forum and its moderators for their lack of response to those in need. Indeed, if this is a Blackberry forum, the owners/creators/moderators had better know about what is going on at RIM, more than the average bear. I wouldn't expect you to know about alternators for my 65 Dodge Dart. I would goto :)

Otherwise, as I am concluding what good is the forum to anyone anyway? To post MY issues and see that other people have them too so that we can wallow in our own pitty? I might as well post it in a google group or a yahoo answers. One would think you come to a forum for answers, but as you say, don't expect it from We are just here. For you to throw up you hands and say, we are all volunteers, we don't know about or have anything to do with RIM or Blackberry in itself is bad form. It is the purpose and NAME of the forum.

"unusual setup"? WHAT? 1 server and 3 devices so far, put together EXACTLY the way it has been outlined in the readme files that came with the install, along with the webcast of the install. If I have an unusual setup, I am definitely on the wrong product.

And, maybe this 'friendly bantor' does lead to the real issue. Why wouldn't RIM sponsor such a forum?

Yes, I have issue with RIM for their product issues and I have already addressed it. But I also have issues with a "BlackBerryforum" having the nature of a forum, doing very little to help those looking for answers and then claiming not to have the answers or the responsibility to help anyone because of whatever non-association, non-support from RIM, or only dealing with volunteers; way bad form!


NJBlackBerry 06-06-2007 09:56 AM

I am not taking this the wrong way - you are attacking the forum and the moderators because no one could solve YOUR SPECIFIC PROBLEM.

You are so out of line here that it isn't even worth discussing.

Perhaps you should seek out another BlackBerry forum - there are more than one to help you with your unique situation.

No one here is wallowing in pity except you. You are venting your frustrations about your issues with RIM to the people here.

Again, that is the wrong place.

If you have addressed your problems with RIM, then we are done.

Good bye.

MikeGoodson 06-06-2007 10:02 AM

Well said Tom - I for one agree that sometimes the lack of help on this forum is staggering. Especially as by virtue of the name, you expect RIM to monitor this newsgroup and help out with some of the issues.


NJBlackBerry 06-06-2007 10:13 AM

RIM does have Technical Support Forums that they support and own.
Perhaps you shoudl look there.

juwaack68 06-06-2007 10:16 AM

You can't be serious.

Just because someone is a moderator here doesn't make them a know it all about RIM or their devices. Do I know more than the average bear, and can I answer a lot of questions? Sure.

Do I know EVERYTHING, and have I ever heard of SOAP? NO, except that I know my teenager needs a lot more of it.

The moderators here are VOLUNTEERS! We help where we can, offer knowledge with what we know, and ask questions about things we want to learn.

Unfortunately we also have to deal with spammers, loudmouths, rude people, and people who spew whiney garbage at us. That is the downside (and fortunately they are the minority and not the majority).

Please feel free to treat this forum like a TV - if you don't like what's on it, TURN THE CHANNEL.

THafemann 06-06-2007 11:43 AM

You guys serious don't get it
Hey all,

I am not attacking anyone in particular about MY issues. I would expect though, that if I or anyone else post something, that it wouldn't be weeks before someone would say, "Hi, I haven't a clue on what your problem is." Look for yourselves, friends, at the dozens and dozens of postings here that NOBODY addresses. Why then would anyone come back.

My guess is that you volunteers are short staffed and could use more people. Seriously, I would expect that a "Forum Moderator" do more than make sure that bad words are not exchanged. I moderate several well known forums on products that "I HAVE EXPERTISE". (You can't wake up one morning and decide, "I am a forum moderator" without knowing what is going on; or maybe you can here. But you shouldn't. What are the requirements to being a forum moderator here anyway? Raise your hand and say please?) That was a part of signing on as a forum moderator. Not only that, I am REQUIRED to answer a certain amount to questions; a quota. AND, if a posting doesn't get attention, I and the other forum moderators get an email, 1 per hour, for every posting we have not responded to within 24 hours. AND, if I don't know an issue, I have some backend people I can ask. THAT my friends, is you missing link!

This could be a REALLY good thing. The idea that you can not help me, not a big deal. As you say, I turn the channel and find one that can. However, if you are not helping me, who else are you turning away. If you can not answer somebody's question, tell them at!

And, from a marketing standpoint with Blackberry, if you do a bad job, it reflects them, even with all the caveats you mentioned. If I own, "" and don't give anyone support or service, how do you think that reflects on Blackberry? If my forum stinks, that must mean Blackberry and RIM stinks.

You may think this as garbage, but what I am telling you are facts about this forum. Fact of so many people posting things and nobody getting back to them. Fact that when people look for answers for blackberry stuff, your name, the name of this forum implies some technical expertise or association with RIM. Fact that you advertise for companies that sell and sponsor links for Blackberry products. Fact that, and really not your issue, that RIM and Blackberry tell their customers to come here for help and assistance. I wouldn't have ever come here if it wasn't for the tech support guy saying, "Go to this web site to get your questions answered. They know what is going on." And now I hear, in a loud voice, "We know somethings, we are volunteers, we can't help everyone, yada yada yada." Major disconnect here.

So please, take what I have to say, validated it or discard it, but figure out where your place is before you start going off on people looking for help.

And, by the way, where are the RIM forums?

NJBlackBerry 06-06-2007 11:48 AM


You may think this as garbage, but what I am telling you are facts about this forum.
You are stating your opinion. There are no Service Levels here. You are not paying anyone here for support. Again, YOU didn't get YOUR PROBLEM solved, so you are trashing an entire forum.

You need to take a look in the mirror on who you are attacking.

I choose to discard what you are saying; clearly you are venting your frustration over your problems on us.

I suggest you go to BlackBerry and check out the Support section. You are really over the line here.

I am closing this thread because it stopped being useful some time ago. Clearliy this forum and the BlackBerry are not for you. Too complicated, I guess.

bfrye 06-08-2007 10:13 AM

Look what I found!!!

Amazing. RIM actually has a service you can pay for to have customized, individual support teams at your call 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! Amazing the technological breakthroughs that are coming out nowadays. A company develops a product and accompanying software packages and then offers tailored support based on your individual needs, for a price.

As it's been said time and time again, though you seem to skip over the fact, we are all VOLUNTEERS. We have varying levels of knowledge about blackberries and BES. Some of us work extensively with the handhelds and have never touched BES, some do both. Some are on Exchange and some aren't. To garnish a staff that would encompass every single aspect of the blackberry software and hardware world; past, present and future, is more than any forum is capable of.

In your own example, you're looking for a GM alternator, but you didn't specify the year. If you're talking about a GM alternator for a 68 pontiac tempest, and none of the moderators on your GM forum can give you a model number or installation instructions for that particular alternator, on that particular car of that particular year, does that mean the entire forum is bogus?


It means you might have to do the little extra work on your own to figure out hte problem. Be it try things yourself, call RIM and take advantage of the support contracts you signed up for when your company bought the BES licenses or hire in independent contractor to come fix the problem. When it's fixed, post the results here and everywhere else you can find for others to learn from.

THAT is how a forum works. The moderators here are only a small drop in the bucket to all the knowledge contributed on a forum. We are here to make sure the knowledge that people do post is done so in a coherent and logical manner so others may benefit from it.

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