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frankko 06-09-2007 02:03 PM

Can't do a wired Enterprise Activation
I've searched the forums and tried what's been suggested, but I'm hoping someone here has some other advice for me until I can talk to our IT guys on Monday.

I had a 8300 Curve, which I today exchanged for a new one (the previous one had a bad screen).

Before I took it in, I used BDM 4.2 SP2's switch devices wizard to backup my data. I then unplugged the old device, exchanged it, came back to my computer, and let the wizard restore that backup to my new device. But I can't get the thing to activate. I don't know if we have a wireless activation option here (even if we do, nobody is in the office to issue me a password).

When I got the first Curve it activated as soon as I plugged in the device (this was last week, and it replaced an 8800). The new Curve has been plugged in for hours and nothing. Here's what else I've tried:

- unplugging/reconnecting the device via USB (I've done this one MANY times)
- generating a new encryption key;
- removing/replacing the battery;
- doing a security wipe;

Nothing worked. Is there something I can do through the software to make the activation occur? Or does anybody have any other suggestions that I can try before Monday morning?

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: We're using Exchange.

d_fisher 06-09-2007 09:33 PM

To do a wired activation you need to have BDM installed and connected to your BES server. If it is, then try going to the security section and regenerate a new encryption key.

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