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mendes9 06-10-2007 11:15 AM

Send Issue from Devices, no not a Permissions issue
OK.. the problem..

Running BES 4.0 SP6, on Exchange Sp1

About a month ago, we started getting complaints out of the blue about people not being able to send, they can receive ok. This is across 5 bes servers, nothing in common, BES accounts on different BES servers, on different Exchange servers etc,. We had maybe 40 or 50 cases. The quick fix, move them to a different BES server, and they are up and running without issue.

Called, RIM.. they of-coursr ask about permissons.. basically our setup is we give BESadmin account full rights, not just the minimum as recommended by RIM. So, when the DST patch update hit, we were not effected. RIM said the issue was caused because we are giving our besadmin account too many permissions, we didn't make the change. This week, out of the blue, another 40 cases or so.. again same issue, receive fine can't send.. red X. the desktop error messsage on the BB device. Once again, move the account to an alternate bes server and they are back in business.

This weekend I've updated to 4.1 SP3 HF2, I'm not expecting it solve the issue, but has anyone seen this problem, and do you beleive by reducing the permissions to the bare min, that RIM recommends is really going to solve this issue? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

gziz 06-10-2007 01:49 PM

depends, whats the error they receive when they send, and the logs will explain whats happening.

hdawg 06-10-2007 09:23 PM

Have you tried deleting the Desktop [CMIME] service book and undeleting it on a troubled handheld?

When you say you give your BESadmin account "full rights" what do you mean? Where do you grant these permissions?

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