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Default Activation fails

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Hello everybody

For one of our users the BlackBerry activation fails with the error "the server not responding". The usual fixes didn't help:

Update the device
Recreate the user
Reset the password

In the log we can see the following entries:

[40000] (06/07 08:53:12.812):{0x13B0} {User} server\mailfile.nsf, fetching modified documents since 07.06.2007 08:52:29
[40382] (06/07 08:53:12.999):{0x13B0} {User/Company/CH/COMP} Received ETP DATA command from [email address], TID=2429254391, EntryId=14674. Processing...
[40400] (06/07 08:53:12.999):{0x13B0} {User/Company/CH/COMP} Received datagram with content type OTAKEYGEN, TID=2429254391, for user User/Company/CH/COMP
[40000] (06/07 08:53:13.030):{0x13B0} *** OTAKEYGEN *** receiving KEY_REQUEST, transID = 1092681643
[40000] (06/07 08:53:13.030):{0x13B0} *** OTAKEYGEN *** receiving ACTIVATION request, transID = 1092681643
[40000] (06/07 08:53:13.093):{0x13B0} {User/Company/CH/COMP} Synchronizing pending and current PINs (250BD052;<none>)
[40000] (06/07 08:53:13.390):{0x13B0} {User/Company/CH/COMP} Synchronizing device capabilities
[40000] (06/07 08:53:13.421):{0x13B0} {User/Company/CH/COMP} Generating AES256 key
[40000] (06/07 08:53:13.421):{0x82C} RIMGateApp::RemoteCheckDB: DbObject=200 Update 1 rows
[40000] (06/07 08:53:13.437):{0x13B0} *** OTAKEYGEN *** sending KEY_ACCEPT transID = 1092681643
[40000] (06/07 08:53:13.437):{0x13B0} {User/Company/CH/COMP} Sending data to Dispatcher, size=277, Tag=848180
[40000] (06/07 08:53:13.437):{0x18C4} [BIPP] Send data, Tag=848180
[40386] (06/07 08:53:13.437):{0x13B0} {User/Company/CH/COMP} {User/Company/CH/COMP} Sending message to device, Size=249, TID=848181, TransactionId=-2137653247
[40000] (06/07 08:53:13.437):{0x13B0} *** OTAKEYGEN *** sending data to device
[40081] (06/07 08:53:13.437):{0x13B0} {User/Company/CH/COMP} SendToWirelessNetworkUsingSRP - SendQ, TID=848181
[40000] (06/07 08:53:13.437):{0x18C4} [BIPP] Send data, Tag=848181
[40393] (06/07 08:53:13.437):{0x13B0} {User/Company/CH/COMP} NID=3952 deleted from the mail file by sender request for user User/Company/CH/COMP on server CH004/SERVER/COMP
[40000] (06/07 08:53:13.437):{0x18C0} [BIPP] Received status DELIVERED, Tag=848180
[40392] (06/07 08:53:13.484):{0x844} {User/Company/CH/COMP} SRP: TID=848180, type OTHER returned DELIVERED
[40000] (06/07 08:53:13.499):{0x18C0} [BIPP] Received status FAILED, Tag=848181
[40392] (06/07 08:53:13.499):{0x844} {User/Company/CH/COMP} SRP: TID=848181, type OTHER returned FAILED
[40002] (06/07 08:53:13.546):{0x16A4} BlackBerry Profiles database (BlackBerryProfiles.nsf) has 1 modified notes and 0 deleted notes
[40055] (06/07 08:53:13.562):{0x13B0} {User/Company/CH/COMP} User settings: *local*, id=129,, PIN=<none>, routing=S43282116, mail {CN=CH004/OU=SERVER/O=COMP!!mail\mailfile.nsf; [ENV] Domino Version:, HF 0, FP 443746097}, BBSD BES\state\646222343.nsf, OTAFM=0x00000000, OTAC=0x0000000B, DCSI=1, DCNNE=1, DCSMIME=0, DCPGP=0
[40000] (06/07 08:53:15.546):{0x16A4} RIMGateApp::CheckDatabase
[40000] (06/07 08:53:15.562):{0x16A4} Configuration changed for user with ID=129 (PendingPIN)
[40000] (06/07 08:53:15.562):{0x16A4} Configuration changed for user with ID=129 (DeviceCapabilities)

What could cause the issue "Received status failed"?

Thanks for any hints.

Jean Daniel
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Do they have an ENTERPRISE data plan? Some providers differentiate between Enterprise and non Enterprise, and Enterprise Activation won't work on non Enterprise accounts.

Also, what device and provider?

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Agreed, the only time I get returned FAILED in the logs is when the carrier hasn't provisioned the device for enterprise data.
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We had the exact same problem, and also saw "Received status FAILED" in the Policy log. But in all our cases the new device was provisioned correctly for a BES by the WSP. We just had to reconnect the device to re-detect the PIN. We did not contact the WSP to provision the device.

RIM claimed this was covered by "SDR-119683: BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.0.6 known issue. After Enterprise Activation, user status shows 0 for PIN". Supposedly the fix is to upgrade to 4.1.x, which we happen to be doing soon. So hopefully that fixes it.

It's possible that this problem could also happen with 4.1.x, but because of provisioning problems. So we'll watch out for that.
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Default Did you find a solution?


I am experiencing the exact same.
Did you find a solution Jean Paul and may I ask on which version BES you are?

SDR-119683 does not apply to my situation as this is 4.1.0 for Domino.

Thanks in advance for your response.

Kind regards,
Arjan Vermeulen

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