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gfisher99 06-14-2007 06:06 PM

Requirements for LCS
Do you guys happen to know or have a document that outlines the BES requirements for integrating with LCS?

BES 4.1.2
Exchange 2003 SP2
LCS 2005 SP1 Standard

I have about 780 devices and of those about 60 that have access to LCS in my firm (We are still testing LCS internally)

I would like to integrate LCS, but cannot seem to find any good documents on what it takes to enable it to interact.

Does my LCS infrastructure require an Access Proxy? It seems that in my lab environment (Which mimicks production), the option to point to the LCS in BES has only HTTP and HTTPS as the protocols. Since i dont have an access proxy, I cant connect via HTTP, rather I can only connect over TCP.

When I upgraded from 4.0 to 4.1, I did not install the collaboration services, but MDS is present. At the time, I was seeing some scary posts on here about installing the collaboration services, so I didnt do it.

So my questions are:

1. Do I need an Access Proxy for LCS?
2. Do I have to install the collaboration services on the BES?
3. Do I need to install MSMQ? (Figure I would..)

Anything you guys can share would be greatly appreciated.


hdawg 06-14-2007 07:58 PM

These should help:

System Requirements for BlackBerry Instant Messaging for Microsoft Live Communications Server

Verifying the connection to the Live Communication Server

Error codes for Microsoft Live Communications Server

and last but certainly not least ...

BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Microsoft Exchange Version 4.1.2 Installation Guide

gfisher99 06-14-2007 08:08 PM

Thanks man... Ive seen all of those :)

None mention the access proxy...?


hdawg 06-14-2007 08:10 PM

I've never had to setup an access proxy for BES ... its been a while since I've done an LCS install, but it was pretty straight forward.

gfisher99 06-14-2007 08:15 PM

The access proxy is for LCS. If you have a large LCS deployment you should set up an access proxy so you can do load balancing. The access proxy also allows users to connect to LCS via web. I beleive they are also required for federation.

The reason I am asking about the access proxy is because of the protcol field only allows HTTP/S, which leads me to think you need an LCS Access Proxy.

Most people here probably have large LCS deployments, and thus, already have access proxies. Guess I am gonna have to do the semi-personal thing and call TSupport. :( My LCS deployment is only 100 of 4500 users, so no access proxy....yet.

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