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deadtired 06-18-2007 02:48 PM

Synching both public folder and personal contacts
Hi All,
Running BES and Exchange 2003

I'm trying to find a way to sync contacts in both the public folders section as well as personal contacts wirelessly. From the reading i've done, it doesn't seem this is even possible without a 3rd party add-in. In a perfect world, we'd have our 'contact girl' make her changes to contacts (including employees and clients) in the public folders section which would then auto sync with the each user's personal contacts. I certainly don't think this is a possibility but figured it was worth a shot.

From what i've come to understand, personal contacts are fine eyncing wirelessly but contacts in the public folders need to have wireless reconciliation turned off on the phone and then plugged in and synced through desktop manager, is this correct?

I'm just curious if i'm over analyzing things and there may be a way to automate a 'push' of the contacts from the public folders.

Hope this makes sense and thanks for and help.


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