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pintu 09-07-2007 01:05 PM

Enterprise Activation Problem - How I solved my problem !

This is just something I ran across and figured out how to solve it.

FYI - I have BES server installed.

So my company bought two new BBs. On 1st BB - the enterprise activation went fine. The 2nd BB activation did not.

2nd blackberry - just showed the Activation message and did not list anything else. I checked all the necessary things to make sure nothing was different for this user.

The problem - When you add a user to the BES server - it send an activation e-mail to users outlook - you never see this b/c it pretty quick. This activation e-mail was being held in the users Inbox and never left.

The solution - This user had SPAM rules setup and caused the activation mess. After I disabled these rules - the activation went fine and now the Blackberry is working fine.



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