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Wakefield103 09-14-2007 11:50 AM

100+ Users Cannot Delete Post DB Merge
Help: we have 100+ users than cannot delete messages on their BBs that have a date prior to a BB Configuration database merge being performed!

Recently we decided to merge our two BES 4.1.4 BlackBerry Configuration databases. This decision was made to enable ease of managing the BESs, moving BBs from one BES to the other, and set the framework for a better disaster recovery solution by replicating the database to a remote location.

The merge was performed using the following steps:
0. Stop BES1 and BES2 services.
1. Create new database using CreateDB.exe
2. Take full backup of BES1 and restore to new db
3. Use CopyDBData.exe to copy contents of BES2 to new db
4. Redirect BES1 to new db. Verify.
5. Redirect BES2 to new db. Verify.

Right or wrong, this process was signed off by BlackBerry Support prior to being performed. Note: The reason the first BES was restored vs. using the CopyDBData.exe tool was to speed up the process. The CopyDBData.exe tool on BES1 was taking a long time since it was remote from the SQL server.

At first, it seemed like the process went great. We had a couple users that reported that their wireless activation hung (an activation is triggered by the BESs being moved to the new database), but for over 200 users this was very minimum.

We then started to receive reports from users that were on BES2 where they could not delete any messages from their BB that existed on their BB prior to the merge. Deletes were attempted via the following methods. All failed.

- Delete message "On Handheld"
- Delete message "On Mailbox & Handheld"
- Delete message from Outlook and allow reconciliation to remove from BB
- Select a date after <merge date> and choose "Delete Prior"
- Allow the "Keep Messages" automate purge to remove old messages
- Enable Content Protection and then attempt to delete message

BlackBerry Support's only recommendation to remove the messages is to perform a device security wipe or use the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software to delete the messages database.

Support has speculated that the reason this issue occurred was due to the "User ID" changing for the users on BES2 when the data from BES2's configuration database was copied into the new database. What they have not been able to explain is why some users, who are on BES 2 and had their User ID change, are not being impacted by this issue. I have tried to find some uniqueness between the user(s) that is working and those that are not and I have not been able to find anything yet.

I'm writing this blog to ask help for anyone that may have a better understanding of what is going on. But also to give a heads up to anyone considering performing a database merge, as this issue clearly is not documented as a known side-effect and BlackBerry Support was not aware this could be a potenial problem.

hdawg 09-14-2007 12:12 PM

What messaging environment are you using?

The procedure is definitely valid ... I would have created a new db, but regardless the process you used I've used before.

I have however not seen this problem most recently with a Domino DBMerge. I would request escalation on the incident immediately as something in the application, not process appears to have failed.

Wakefield103 09-14-2007 12:23 PM

The messaging environment is Exchange 2003 SP2. BES1 connets to one Exchange server and BES2 connects to another. I have not seen any other lose in functionality since the merge other than this issue.

Unfortunately, this case is already within the BlackBerry Support Escalation team and they have run into a wall. That is why I am posting here to see if anyone else has any fresh ideas.

NOTE: I did create a new db using the CreateDB.exe tool I then performed the other steps mentioned above.

If you have performed a DB merge before and can confirm your User ID's have changed and you are not have this problem, I would like to hear about it. Support is stuck on that being the specific cause and if I can show them that is not the case in other implementations, then maybe I can get them to look at other areas.

Wakefield103 09-18-2007 10:21 AM

Anyone else with any suggestions?

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