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rjblanch 09-19-2007 01:05 AM

Exchange 2003, 5.5 and 2 BES servers
Hi All,

I have a situation where I think I could get it to work - but I need clarification.

Currently we are migrating (VERY SLOWLY) from EXC5.5 to EXC2003. We have the old BES connected to the 5.5 box, with a BES, with trial licence, connected to the 2K3. Our 5.5 BES is slowly dying (hardware issue), but as we are moving to the new exchange environment, management does not want to pay for new hardware for the old BES. What they want to know is - is it possible to have both exchange servers on the New BES (licence will be moved over if possible).

Here is our current setup -
Existing Environment:
BES 3.6
Exchange 5.5
Domain Name -
BESAdmin account -\BESAdmin

New Environment:
BES 4.1.4
Exchange 2003
Domain Name -
BESAdmin account -\BESAdmin

Please be gentle with me if discussing Exchange or AD, as I am the BES admin guy and know very little about Exchange. I do know a little, but anything deep or intensive, I will have to ask the exchange guys.

Any assistance or helpful information would be greatly appreciated.

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