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onlymasoud 06-15-2008 07:41 PM

Office Live on BlackBerry
I've been googling for a week or so to find a way to set up Office Live on my BlackBerry.

However there seems to be no solution. The BIS is apparently not available in the UK or at least not offered by T-Mobile in the UK

Since the Office Live does not use POP or IMAP, I am not sure what else can be done.

The whole point of having a BlackBerry is to be able check your emails when you actually receive them and to be able to reply to them as and when you are required. However when using Office Live, you seem to be trapped. I saw some suggestions from people in this forum to use forwarding, but firstly you can only forward your Office Live to another web-based email account (i.e. gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc.) and secondly then again so what's the point of having a BlackBerry if you have to forward emails to yourself? Maybe in short run it resolves this but frankly I am looking for a proper solution or way round this.

Microsoft support team was nothing but pethatic.

Anyone has any idea or any trick you can use Office Live on BlackBerry that I'm not aware of?

I think if I cannot find a solution, I'll have no other choice but to give up my Office Live and move to another host that offers POP/IMAP emails.

All responses are highly appreciated.

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