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ZombieBerry 02-16-2012 11:29 AM

Leaked OS for 9930 - Dedicated Hosting

barney-5-0 02-19-2012 06:17 PM

Re: Leaked OS for 9930
Hey Zombie, I am having difficulty downloading from the site. I click on the link and it asks me to log on? Im not too pc sophisticated but do I need to have a jumbo files account?

barney-5-0 02-19-2012 06:27 PM

Re: Leaked OS for 9930
Hey never mind, I got it to work, sorry to bother you!

ZombieBerry 02-19-2012 07:24 PM

Re: Leaked OS for 9930
ok, you can disregard my PM. Glad it worked out.

barney-5-0 02-20-2012 07:53 AM

Re: Leaked OS for 9930
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barney-5-0 02-20-2012 07:56 AM

Re: Leaked OS for 9930
Just got. The new OS installed. Seems great so far. Will wait to see about battery life. Seems that on a full charge it shows 94% though. But as ling as get my regular days worth I'm good. Haven't attempted to try the personal hotspot yet . Will respond later if there are any issues.
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