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antonyyoung 12-06-2010 12:56 PM

Address Book Not Found after rset
I setup a 2nd account (gmail) on my Bold 9700 and was using it fine for a few days. I then went to sync my contacts using Blackberry Desktop Software and was getting errors because wireless sync was turned on.

I found that it was the new gmail account that had turned on wireless sync so I shut it off everywhere I found it (including at Vodafone).

However, this contact list was still set to the default in Options so I still cound't sync directly from Outlook without going all of the way around via gmail's address book.

I then read a forum suggesting that I do an rset in the contact list. I did. It removed the gmail contact list and all of my contacts.

No problem I thought, I'll sync from outlook now.


Desktop Manager now says Address Book (not installed) so I can't.
I have tried a hard reset and 2 different versions of Desktop Manager but still get the same issue.

Any idea how I can get my outloook address book back as the default contact list?

If I go to advanced, default services there is nowhere to change this option. I only get options for Calender and Messaging.:x

tsac 12-12-2010 07:22 PM

Re: Address Book Not Found after rset
Is the address book on the BB? Did you ever make a backup? It sounds like the OS may have been corrupted and you need to do a wipe to factory and restore the email addresses. then restore the backup.

another possibility but slim.

From RIM

The Address Book application on the BlackBerry smartphone does not display any entries. When you view the Address Book application options, it indicates that there are entries present.


Content Protection is enabled for the Address Book application.


To disable Content Protection for the Address Book application, complete the following steps:

Select the Options icon on the BlackBerry smartphone.
Select Security Options.
Select General Settings.
Under Content Protection, set the option for Include Address Book to No.
Press the Menu key and select Save.

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