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banannerbread 12-21-2010 02:59 PM

issues after unlock.
just unlocked my 8700. was on tmobile, now on att. blackberry noob here. the browser doesnt work says im not on a plan that supports this feature. i know i have a unlimited data, wondering if i might have some setting turned off. also when i try to open appworld a window pops up saying its not available on track wheel devices. is there any other way i can get aps?

NJBlackBerry 12-21-2010 03:01 PM

Re: issues after unlock.
Hello and welcome to BB Forums.

You must add a BlackBerry Data Plan - a specific plan - on your account. Do you have a BlackBerry Data Plan?

banannerbread 12-21-2010 03:26 PM

Re: issues after unlock.
no i have a family plan unlimited. im the only one on the plan with a blackberry, is there a way that i can just get the bb plan on the one number? will the appsworld work when i get the bbdata plan?

NJBlackBerry 12-21-2010 03:27 PM

Re: issues after unlock.
You will have to contact AT&T to get those questions answered.

According to this, the 8700 is not on the list..

banannerbread 12-21-2010 03:34 PM

Re: issues after unlock.
now its saying browsers not compatible with current selected network, could it be because its a t-mobile browser on at&t? thank you for the welcome and the help by the way i appreciate it.

NJBlackBerry 12-21-2010 04:14 PM

Re: issues after unlock.
Did you get the BlackBerry Data Plan? Without it, you are extremely limited.

aiharkness 12-21-2010 04:49 PM

Re: issues after unlock.
As NJ says, you need the data plan specific for BlackBerry. There is no point trouble shooting your issue until you confirm you have that and it is active.

That said, it may be that you are looking at the t-mobile wap browser which is still on the device. But forget that for now. Get the data plan and make sure it is active---you will get a message when it is.

banannerbread 12-21-2010 05:13 PM

Re: issues after unlock.
data plan has been set up browser still not working.

message recived: unable to open a pdp context to the following apn:

This may be happening because the currently selected browser configuration is not compatible

aiharkness 12-21-2010 05:16 PM

Re: issues after unlock.
If your data plan has been activated on the device, you should have received a welcome message on the device. Did you?

Sytner 12-21-2010 07:01 PM

Re: issues after unlock.
BlackBerry App world is unavailable/unsupported on any devices prior to the 8300s and 8800s. Put simply you need a device with a trackball/trackpad/touchscreen for it to be compatible.

banannerbread 12-21-2010 09:02 PM

Re: issues after unlock.
i did not recieve a welcome message. i guess i need to call at&t back. i set up the 2g Blackberry data package and removed my old package. i got a conformation email saying that the changes have been made but no welcome text. thanks for the info.

aiharkness 12-21-2010 09:18 PM

Re: issues after unlock.
Sometimes it takes a while between adding the plan to your account and the service books getting pushed to the device. But go ahead and try resending service books. See How do I resend my service books? - BlackBerryFAQ. When you get the service books the browser should work and you'll be able to set up email.

What the others have said about app world is true, however. It isn't supported on trackwheel BlackBerrys.
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banannerbread 12-21-2010 09:48 PM

Re: issues after unlock.
okay just got off phone with at&t tech. original csr entered my imei wrong / set me up on an iphone package. rofl. all is fixed thanks for the pointers. this blackberry kicks all my other phones butts. cant wait to get one made in the last 5 years with my upgrade.

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