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Luna_tic 01-15-2011 01:28 AM

Help needed PLEASE!(Q's about apps, how to download apps and the pearl flip phone)
Originally when I was looking for help, I found some forums including here,and I had been looking to find help because my texting ability disappeared out of the blue (could not send/receive) and now I was able to get it fixed..(y). I took it in to the store and had the phone wiped (and my contracts transferred back on). They wiped my phone and reloaded the software.

So - now my texting IS finally working again, BUT- now I no-longer have a bunch of the apps that I used daily- including notepad, and ALL the games I had (there are NONE now! ). Also, autotext was turned on and now it won't shut off!!! It's driving me nutty! I called Telus tech and they walked me through going into the options and turning it off but even after turning it off, it was STILL on. Then after re-booting the phone it was still adding the auto text even though under options it says it's disabled..... I am extremely frustrated with this stupid phone. So many problems and you fix one another pops up. The tech guy says that it sounds like a software problem- it's obviously not something I did. It's the phone itself. I think that blackberry should exchange it or fix it! :x
Any ideas on how to fix it or get it fixed? Or at least HOW to download those apps back onto my phone and where to get those apps..... :???:
Should I just buy a new phone (I have very little $ as I am a permanently disabled student and have very little income)? I was offered to buy out my contract (25 months left @ $10/month = $250) and buy an iphone for $300 or android or windows (both for $0 up front if I signed up for another 3 year term)... I really could use some help as to what I should do or how to fix my phone (and get those apps back- also HOW do I get apps?)

tsac 01-15-2011 01:27 PM

Re: Help needed PLEASE!(Q's about apps, how to download apps and the pearl flip phone
Welcome to the Forums.

when they wiped the BB they deleted all the apps also. Apps generally do not reload during a OS load unless they are the default RIM applications. You need to reload any apps you added. You can try upgrading the OS if the basic Apps are missing or simply check the apps using DM. You should be able to reload basic apps from there. Download desktop manager from rim , it's free. You can also download the OS for the BB. dont use any OS except the one for your model.

BlackBerry - Support & Services then go to downloads.

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