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Lefty44 01-15-2011 07:06 PM

keyboard issues (BB 8520)
I have a BB 8520 Curve. This is the second phone in seven months--I had to return the first one to the manufacturer for hardware issues (it had software issues, too, but you can't return for software issues). This one is three months new, and having the same keyboard issues the first one had.

With the first phone, for no reason at all the "I" key stopped working. A few days later, the "I" key started working again. With this second phone, the "N" stopped working, for no apparent reason. I'm into Day 4 without my "N" key; though I'm beyond irritated, no one is complaining yet that I'm substituting Ms for Ns in my texts and e-mails. I don't think it is an OS issue, because I was using v4 when it started, and updating to v5 hasn't solved the problem.

I've tried reboots, battery pulls, app uninstalls, OS updates, and mild cursing, but nothing has solved the problem. Anybody else have such indescriminating keyboard works/doesn't work issues? Any known remedy?

tsac 01-16-2011 12:19 PM

Re: keyboard issues (BB 8520)
Unless this is a referb unit generally the keyboard is stable on new units. Possibly you are using the BB in an environment that is high humidity or even getting wet. Also if you have it in the room while showering the moisture will definitely cause issue. Another possibility could be your very hard on the keys and causing premature failure. Depending on you skill, you can buy replacement keyboards and search the internet or blackberry FAQ web site for videos on how to replace q keyboard.

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