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Marey 01-25-2011 08:06 AM

Photo Problem
Hey ..

I bought a blackberry curve 8520 about six months ago. at this time i'm thinking of sell it as soon as possible. nevermind, my problem now is the pictures that i've taken in it. after formatting, do they back to momorey's mobile by some hacker softwares ? i'm afraid of this matter I need someone help about this.


aiharkness 01-25-2011 01:56 PM

Re: Photo Problem
If the images are in main memory, that isn't a good idea from a memory management standpoint, but the files will be in backup files created by Desktop Manager, if you have done any backups.

If the files are on the microSD card, which is the better practice, and if the files are not encrypted, then copy the microSD card to a hard drive, CD, DVD, or whatever.

Note that if the files are on the card and encrypted, you will only be able to open them on a BlackBerry, and possibly only on the original BlackBerry, unless unencrypted before copying.

Forget hacking the BlackBerry. Not necessary, and can't do anyway.

If you wiped the device or formatted the card, the files are gone from those locations.

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