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Marycakesdx 03-13-2011 10:15 PM

Internet HELP on BB
Okay so the internet does not work on my bb bold 9780. On the main menu on the top it says im connected to T-mobile (my serive provider) & it also says 3G. So i assume i would be able to use the internet (that of course im paying for.) But everytime i try to use the internet i get the message, "Unable to connect to the internet please try again later. If the problem persist call your serive provider." So i did, and they had me try many things (ex: pull battery out, turn off phone, go to Host Routing Table, etc) BUT nothing works !!!

Im so confused because they told me i was connect and it should be working but it isnt ! & maybe because i got the phone a few days ago? is it the phone? i have tried googling this, but i find nothing.

Help anyone ! :-( :bb:

Swift07 03-14-2011 01:38 AM

Re: Internet HELP on BB
Keep calling them back and tell them you are having the Same issues
Or check ur network connections and make sure it's on

Dubdub 03-14-2011 07:40 AM

Re: Internet HELP on BB
Do you have a BB data plan?

Are you on a prepaid SIM?

Do you have Data services set to "on": Options -> Mobile Network -> Data Services" to On. ***

Are you trying to log on via the cell network or WiFi?

Is your browser set to "hotspot browser" or "Internet Browser"?

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