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egzbuen 06-19-2011 02:02 AM

Problem with BB App World
I just bought a 9700 Bold yesterday and even before I did anything with it, I immediately upgraded it to OS6.

Everything seems fine for now except App World.

How do you guys solve the "There is an issue with BlackBerry App World. BlackBerry App World must now close" issue?

Ive already tried the solution mentioned in KB24457 but upon checking, apn is unchecked already but still the same issue.

By the way, I am trying to connect via wifi at home.


P.S. : I've seen a similar thread but the O.P. was using a version 5 or something so I thought of starting my own thread as I am using OS6.

rambo47 06-19-2011 07:45 AM

Re: Problem with BB App World
Imwould try deleting App World, then pulling the battery after deletion. I would then use my web browser to download and install App World again, from scratch. Something may have been installed improperly the first time or have been corrupted during install.

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