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mrsbeauregarde 07-03-2011 08:08 AM

BIS in the UK: I need help!
Hello everyone,
my name is Chiara and I'm an Italian postgraduate student. I'll be in London for the whole month of July and I need some advice for my Blackberry.
I just got myself an used (and, obviously, completely unlocked) Blackberry 8520 and I'd like to take it with me in London. As I just said, the phone is completely unlocked. I haven't activated the BIS (blackberry internet service) with an Italian operator, as I wanted to purchase a british SIM in the UK and to activate the BIS directly on it.

I saw a "free Blackberry SIM" promo on the t-Mobile UK website. It seems brilliant, but I have some questions.

- Can I get the free sim even in a t-Mobile store, or i MUST have it shipped in my post?
- I'd prefer a Pay as you go plan. With the free Blackberry SIM, will I have free BIS even if I purchase a Pay as you go plan and I use it for just a month?
- Of course I guess I'll need to unlock my BB from the t-Mobile BIS in order to be able to activate the Internet Service when I'll come back to Italy. How do I do that? Is it a long procedure?

I hope I was clear. I apologize for my clumsy, stiff English!


Dubdub 07-03-2011 10:22 AM

Re: BIS in the UK: I need help!
Moved to a better location.

tsac 07-03-2011 10:34 AM

Re: BIS in the UK: I need help!
Welcome to the Forums.

Generally a carrier requires a Blackberry Data plan which will allow access to the BIS service. As for the "free" sim it is best to call the carrier and discuss the various options. Some carriers offer promo's but have limits or other requirements.

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