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AshionBB 07-11-2011 09:23 PM

Hello! i recently bough a USED BB Torch !! I Got the Phone Only! Previous owner change to T-Mobile for the SIDEKICK

The First Thing i did it was to Wipe the device And delete everything!! ( I found a Enterprise Activation username before wiping! This phone is going to Mexico To be use Over there1 its already Unlock!! And Everything!! But i was wondering!! I called AT&T to ask about the IMEI to see if it was attached to an account!! i suppose it was since the older owner used to have this phone!! ! But I hear that if i want to use BIS and BBM i need to be sure that That the BB PIN is release or free from AT&T!!!

I called AT&T yesterday and they told me that the IMEI whats free and the PIN too somehow but then to double check it i called today and THEY TOLD ME THat the IMEI was register After talking with costume service for a while Finally they passed the phone to a BB specialist they had!! And well I was talking with him and explaining everything about going to Mexico and being with the mobile carrier telcel over there!! And Then he started to solve and answer all my questions and then He told me that He Unattached something From the previous Owner main AT&T Account! And he told me that the phone was totally mine now and when i get there to Use the phone and get a BB Plan that i should use the Hot routing table to register!! and then he told me that now i will not have any problem to Use the phone in mexico !! But what did he do?? Did he Set THE PIN FREE? he told me that he unattached something in that account about using email or something!! did he unattached the BIS from the previous owner AT&T account?

And how can i check if my BB PIN is free to use without having a BB plan SIM card !??

Please i want to know this ASAP!! i will go to mexico in 2 weeks!

rambo47 07-11-2011 11:44 PM

The only way to double-check is to activate it on a BlackBerry account now. You need a SIM card for an account with a BlackBerry data plan active. If the rep at AT&T really did release the PIN and disassociate the device from the old account it will activate on your SIM.

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