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machita 09-28-2011 04:22 AM

Enterprise sync (outlook) versus Google sync = problems

I have a BB Curve 9300 that I got in march and since then I have had nothing but issues with it (I had it for repairs 6 weeks this summer :cry:).

The Problem
Syncronisation double sync and I cannot find out how to solve this problem with a working two-way sync into 2 different folders.

I have set up enterprise sync to sync mails, contacts and calendar with outlook, which works perfectly by itself.

I have also set up hotmail and gmail sync through Setup - Email Accounts - Internet Mail Account
For my hotmail I am not syncronizing contacts nor calendar items = NO problems.
For my gmail account I synced with both contacts and calendar items.

But when I set up gmail account sync - it syncs perfectly that first time.
However I have not found a way to have it automatically re-sync and update contacts nor calendar items (neither way). I have not found a way of manually starting a sync either.

I have until now solved it by deleting the Email Account and re-adding it which adds all the updates and new items. Which is a working workaround, but not a good option.

Next step
Then I deleted all contacts and calendar items on the blackberry through the BB Desktop Manager (computer) and installed google sync to sync my gmail contacts and calendar items. = PERFECT both ways sync - until I again connected my blackberry to my computer and the desktop manager and synced it to upload the business items.
Suddenly I have double items (and even triple) of ALL my calendar and contact items (n) and as if this is not enough.. all my contacts and calendar items from google calendar and contacts had been added to my outlook calendar and contacts.
No additional items has been added to my google calendar, but all contacts from outlook were transferred to my google contacts. (Thankfully not duplicating in my google items - only in outlook and BB)

What result do I want?
- I want all my business contacts and calendar items to sync with BB, but recongnizing duplicates and hence not uploading duplicates. AND...
- I want to keep all my private appointments and contacts in my google account recognizing that items have been added from a different account - hence not updating these.
I want single items in two different calendars. no duplicates.

One possible reason to the duplicates may be that both the enterprise account and google sync syncronizes to BB contact folder Desktop and BB calendar folder Desktop. Which obviously causes a problem when they have the same name.
Which causes google sync to sync all perfectly - then enterprise picks it up and downloads to outlook, which uploads to calendar and whoops - you have duplicate entries.

:idea: Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

I have tried checking out the settings for google sync, but I am only allowed to choose what to sync (calendar items and contacts plus reminders and additional calendars) and not where to sync it to.
With the enterprise setup I am not able to choose anything but my password and username.

:idea: Any suggestions and help is highly appreciated :D
Thank you very much and have a lovely day all !!


machita 10-06-2011 07:49 AM

Re: Enterprise sync (outlook) versus Google sync = problems
Does anyone know anything about this? Google Sync that syncs with folder Desktop and Outlook (Enterprise) using the same folder to sync towards.

Any help and advices highly appreciated!

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